The opening of the “Debut F/G/2015” course exhibition

It is a good thing that in the autumn of this year, the “Euro Foto Art” Association, along with the “Nufărul” Photo Club, have organized two photography courses. The digital course (E series 2015), at which 13 students have enrolled, was led by Claudiu Szabó EFIAP, vice-president of the “Nufărul” Photo Club from Oradea. The photography techniques and art course (F series), to which 7 students have enrolled, was led by Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, the president of the Oradea-based photo club and international Association. Due to the great interest shown by the 20 students (among which 2 participated free of charges, since they represented social cases), the atmosphere of the courses were special. At the digital course, basic notions relating to using the functions of digital cameras and various editing techniques were taught. Also, visual esthetics and composition notions were shown. The 13 students from the E series have taken part in an “artistic walk” to the medieval fortress in Oradea and they also had the chance to take photos in the studio of the photo club. The 7 students from the F series have learned about appreciation criteria for art photography, the history of photography and of the analogue and digital cameras. With great interest, the presentation of various genres of photography was followed by the students. The themes relating to negative and positive techniques, black-white and color, but also slides, were all followed with great interest. An event waited by all was the “photo-walk” in the center of the town, where the students found many interesting and motivating subjects. A special interest was shown by the students when it came to taking portrait pictures, in the studio of the photo club, where the subjects were their own colleagues. The closing festivity of the two courses took place on the 11th of November 2015, at 18:00, in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery. During the exhibition organized for this occasion, under the patronage of the Bihor County Council, the professors presented their students with diplomas, after which the exhibition was officially opened. It bears the name of “Debut E-F 2015” and it is made up of 105 photographs made by the students of the E series (Bodnar Alexandru-Leontin, Duca Simina, Incze Sándor Csaba, Kádas Andrea-Mariana, Lévai Dávid, Lucaciu Răzvan, Nilghes Bianca, Maier Nicolae, Marton Monica-Gaberiela, Sebestian Andreea Emilia, Şimon Simona, Varadi Liviu şi Văşcan Tudor-Ştefan) and the F series (Filip Alina, Lazăr Laurenţiu Ioan, Popa Adriana, Lăzău Sara Maria, Lele Carmen Letiţia, Szabó Piroska şi Szamos Mariann). During the festivity, Marton Monica-Gabriela and Szamos Mariann took the stage, to express their pleasure regarding the organization and quality of the courses. The musical moments of the evening were provided by Thurzo Sandor Josef, a viola player. The exhibition, organized under the patronage of the Bihor County council will be available to the public until November 17 2015, between 8 am and 7 pm. Access is free.

Intensive photography art and technic course

After the success which along the years the “Nufărul” Photo Club Oradea courses have enjoyed, in partnership with the “Euro Foto Art” Association, photography enthusiasts will have the possibility of participating at a new initiation course, lasting only 4 weeks, starting from July 7 2015. The course classes will take place at the photo club, in the “Vulturul Negru” Palace in Oradea (Unirii Square 2-4), on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 16:00 – 17:45 and Wednesdays between 16:00 – 17:45. The course will be presented by the photographer Ștefan Toth AFIAP (president of the “Nufărul” Photo club). He invites those who want to acquire technical and classical knowledge, used for making film photography and digital photography. Another advantage of the course is that students will be able to “see” thing in a different manner than they did at the beginning of the course. After gathering general notions about the history of photography, of photo-composition elements and aspects of the digital and film cameras, the participants will go on a photo walk with digital and analogue cameras. Also, the participants at the course will have the possibility of taking portrait pictures in the photo club’s studio. They will also be able to enlarge film photographs. Besides the negative and color processes, they will also learn about black and white as well as color slides, and other multimedia creations. A series of esthetics and photography creation problems will be discussed here. The participants at this course will have the possibility to participate in judging various collections of art photographs. The course will end in a festivity dedicated to the participants, by exhibiting exam photographs. This festivity will take place on August 5 2017, at 17:00 in the “Studio” room of the Photo club. During the exhibition, the best photos made during the course will be presented and then given to the participants at this course, after passing their exams. After they join the course, the participants will become interns of the well-known photo club, being able to become creating members or sympathizers of the Nufărul Photo Club or the Euro Foto Art Association, where they will be able to continue their photography pursuits. 3 places will be offered in the course, for people with needs (based on the number of participants). They will be able to participate at the course, free of charge (after they prove their status with legal papers). For registry and other information, visit the photo club or call 0741/212111 or send an e-mail to / 

The exhibition of the photo class graduates, B series, 2015

At the middle of February, a new photo course for art and technique, dedicated for beginners, has been organized by the “Nufărul” Photo Club from Oradea, in partnership with “Euro Foto Art” Association. The class was led by Ștefan Toth AFIAP, the president of the Oradea-based club and of the International Association. Because of the great interest shown by the 8 participants, the atmosphere of the classes was special. After the history of photography, the students have learned about the analog and digital cameras and their annexes. They have paid a lot of attention to the various photographic genres that were presented and to the composition of images. The themes about the negative and positive processes, black and white and color and of slides have been also closely observed by the students. The students went on a creative walk, where they had the opportunity to photograph the historical center of Oradea, an event which was eagerly awaited by the students, which have found a lot of motivating photographic subjects. A special interest was shown in the studio photography too, when they took portrait shots of each other. The course’s closing festivity took place on the 32st of March, 2015, at 18:00 in the “Vulturul Negru” Palace, in the “Studio” room of the “Nufărul” Photo Club, in the presence of the graduates, family members and photography lovers. During the opening of the exhibition, the lector of the course Mr. Ștefan Toth AFIAP, talked about the seriousness with which the students have attended the classes, for the way in which they collaborated during this period. After this, Onaca Karolina Ewa (from Poland) and Barna Gheorghe (from Bucharest, but living in Oradea) have said a few words. The president of the Photo Club presented the graduates certificates, after which the exhibition was officially opened. Over 72 photographs have been displayed in the gallery, black and white and color, made by the graduates: Barna Gheorghe, Chiş Dan-Mihai, Indrieş Marius-Nicolae,  Lelea Paul Florin, Onaca Karolina Ewa, Savu Ecaterina-Cornelia. The musical moments have been provided by Thurzo Sandor Josef. The exhibition can be visited until 30 April 2015. For those who want to visit it, they can announce their intention at: 0741/ 212111 sau 0773/ 797212

The opening of the Debut Exhibition D/2015

At the middle of February 2015, a new photography class started, led by Claudiu Szabo E.FIAP, the vice-president of the “Nufărul” Photo Club from Oradea. The organizers of the course – Nufăruland Euro Foto Art clubs from Oradea, have made 3 places available for underprivileged persons that could participate at the course for free, but there were no requests. During the course, which lasted 8 weeks, basic notions for using the functions of the digital cameras and how to edit images have been taught. The course participants had the possibility to participate at a creation tour, in the center of Oradea. The participants asked to individually photograph subjects that were settled upon beforehand by the course lecturer. After the written exam (grid type), and the photographs they’ve taken, each course participant received grades from the examination commission that will be mentioned on the graduation certificate of the course. From the best 60 photographs made by : Laura - Geanina Breje, Monica Ciurdar, Cornelia MagIoan Gheorghe Nica, Andreea Giorgiana Pop, Corina Claudia Raț - Tarția, Mirabela - Gina Toma, Gyula - Claudiu Hory, Dragoș Ovidiu Lazăr, Florin Marți, Andrei Penyacsek, an exam exhibition will be opened, titled “Debut” A/2015. The opening of this exhibition will take place on Friday, 25th March 2015 at 18:00 in the “Ovidpop Art Photo Gallery” Era Shopping Park, in the presence of the course graduates, members of the Oradea-based photo club and photography enthusiasts. During the exhibition, graduation certificates will be given, in a festive atmosphere, by the lector of the course: Claudiu Szabo EFIAP and the president of the “Nufărul” Photo Club - Ștefan Tóth AFIAP. The musical moments have been provided by Thurzó Sándor József. The exhibition will remain open until 3 April 2015.

The exhibition „Debut H/ 2014”

It has become a tradition that at the end of the photography course, its graduates present themselves in an “Exam” photography exhibition.

The 3rd edition of the International Photography Festival “Carol Pop de Szathmári - Szathmári Pap Károly” organized by the “Euro Foto Art” association, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, has made it possible that this exhibition to take place during this prestigious event. The exhibition of the graduates from the digital photography course, H series/2014, led by the artist Claudiu Szabó, EFIAP, took place before a numerous crowd in the “Studio” room from the “Vulturul Negru” Palace, in Oradea, Wednesday 14 January 2015, at 17:00. The exhibition was made up of over 40 black and white, as well as color photographs made by the graduates: Bochiș Horia, Biriș Teodor, Brusturean Laurean, Dios Zoltán, Iftimie Florentin, Koller Csaba, Lipoveanu Cristiana, Mermeze Silvia, Romaniuc Adrian, Tabără George-Marin and Zaha Rebeca. The photographs exposed range from portraits to landscapes and reportage, etc.  Many of the photos have been processed with great sensibility. During the exhibition, the photographer Ştefan Toth AFIAP, the president of the well-known Oradea-based photo club, has appreciated the way in which this course took place, as well as the technic and artistic level of the photos. The lector of the course, artist Claudiu Szabó, EFIAP, thanked the graduates for their collaboration. At the end of the exhibition, all graduates were presented with diplomas. The “Debut” exhibition will be open to the public for a month. Visiting hours can be found out via phone, at 0741/212111 or e-mail, at or


Vernisajul expoziţiei « Debut D/ 2014 »



La sfârşitul lunii aprilie 2014 a început un nou curs de fotografie, condus de artistul fotograf Claudiu Szabó E.FIAP vicepreşedintele Clubului Fotografic “Nufărul” din Oradea. Organizatorii cursului Clubul Fotografic Nufărul Oradea şi Asociaţia Euro Foto Art Oradea au asigurat şi 3 locuri pentru persoane defavorizate, care puteau participa la curs în condiţii de gratuitate, dar nimeni nu a solicitat acest lucru. În cadrul cursului cu o durată de 8 săptămâni au fost predate noţiuni de bază legate de utilizarea funcţiilor aparatelor digitale şi variante de prelucrare a imaginilor. De asemenea s-au discutat şi exemplificat noţiuni de compoziţie şi estetică vizuală a imaginii fotografice. Cursanţii au avut posibilitatea să participe şi la o deplasare de creaţie în zona centrală a municipiului pe malul Crisului Repede. Cursanţii au fost solicitaţi să fotografieze individual şi anumite subiecte stabilite dinainte de lectorul cursului. După susţinerea examenului scris (test grilă) şi a fotografiilor realizate fiecare cursant a primit din partea comisiei de examinare calificative, care vor fi menţionate şi pe certificatul de absolvire a cursului. Din cele mai reuşite 40 de fotografii realizate de absolvenţii Dobrán Vasile, Covaci Claudiu, Berinde Sora Mariana, Tudose Alex Cristian, Ghemiș Cătălin-George, Csengeri Tünde, Selegean Ovidiu, Tamás Hajnalka şi Foișor Letea Horațiu va fi organizată o Expoziţie de exament intitulată „Debut” D/ 2014. Vernisajul expoziţiei a avut loc miercuri, 25 iunie 2014, la ora 17:00 în Sala Studio, din Palatul “Vulturul Negru” (Piaţa Unirii 2-4, etajul I). În cadrul vernisajului au fost înmânate într-un cadru festiv Certificatele de absolvire a cursului de către lectorul cursului Claudiu Szabó EFIAP şi de preşedintele Clubului Fotografic „Nufărul” artistul fotograf Ştefan Tóth AFIAP. În cadrul vernisajului a luat cuvântul doamna Berinde Sora, care a apreciat modul în care a fost organizat cursul. Momentele muzicale au fost oferite de artistul Thurzó Sándor József. Expoziţia absolvenţilor va rămâne la dispoziţia publicului vizitator până la data de 24 iulie 2014. Intenţiile de vizionare se vor anunţa la telefoanele: 0741/ 212111 sau 0770/ 103500


The graduates latest digital photography course (series D / 2013), organized by the "Water Lilly" Photo Club from Oradea in partnership with the "Euro Photo Art" Association and led by artist photographer Claudius Szabó E.FIAP intensely preparing to organize a new exhibition of photographic art. This time in the studio Hall of "Water Lilly" Photo Club from Oradea, in the "Black Eagle" Palace will be installed the works, course started on the 13th of May 2013. In the exhibition was displayed a total of 56 black and white photos and color photos taken by graduates of the course: Avram Violeta Ban Alexandra Bara Philemon Dukrét - Seres NAND Cristian Olaru, Pischler Raimond, Sella Krisztina, Stegaroiu Sofia Angela, Tirla Florina, Ears Emilia Venczel Joseph Tibor Varga. The exhibition was held Thursday on the 25th of July, 2013, 17:00 in the presence of a large number of photography lovers. In the opening were presented a diplomas ceremony by the course leader Claudius Szabó E.FIAP photographer and chairman Stefan Tóth A.FIAP of well-known Photo Club from Oradea. Musical moments to graduates were offered by artist József Sándor Thurzó. Graduates exhibition entitled 'Debut D / 2013 "will remain available to the visitors, until 15 September 2013 and visitation intentions will be announced to mobile phone 0741/212111 or 0770/103500. Photo: Tamás Szombati


ONSETPhoto exhibition

Wednesday, on the 13th of February 2013 at 17:00 in the "Studio" room of "Water Lily" Photographic Club, the "Black Eagle" Palace from Oradea, in the presence of large public number, was held a technical and art exhibition of graduates photographic series A / 2013 class, led by photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, President of "Water Lily” Photographic Club Oradea. The course began in late December 2012, organized by the "Water Lily" Photographic Club in partnership with "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea, who scored only 4 students, however, the course lecturer taught all subjects in the course program. In the vernissage opening photo artist Stefan Tóth - AFIAP thanked the graduates for attachment and for special interest to acquire technical knowledge in photography. Csilla Boglárka Bégányi, the youngest only 16 years old graduate, said in her word, that in the course of "learned" to see differently and to learn the secrets of artistic photography. Further, spoke David Heredea, who appreciated the special atmosphere and the way they were taught about photographic subjects. Finally the course lecturer, photographer ŞtefanTóth AFIAP he handed graduates, certificates evidencing completion of the course. Exhibition "Debut" will be available to the visitors, until 15th of March, 2013. Viewing the exhibition will be announced to phone 0741/212111. Photos from the exhibition were made by Gheorghe Talpoş.