The "Bényi" Gallery of the "Kölcsey" Cultural Center in Debrecen (HU) hosted on Thursday, July 14, 2022, at 18:00 local time the 90th anniversary celebration of the Photoclub in Debrecen (Partner Organization of the International Association "Euro Foto Art. ”(AIEFA) The festival, which was attended by a large number of photography lovers from Debrecen and Oradea, was initiated by“ Fönix ”Rendezvényszervező Közhasznu Nonprofit Kft (Organizer of events of public interest -“ Fönix ”Nonprofit SRL) from On this occasion, the Exhibition of the members of the Debrecen Photoclub (DFK) was opened, prepared and installed according to the demands of a special requirement.The exhibited works demonstrated the richness of the possibilities of complex expression of the photographic art.The audience was greeted by the photographer Máthé András, the president of DFK and the curator of the exhibition, who thanked for the help received from those who were involved in the successful organization of this event exceptional event. After presenting the short history of the celebrated Photoclub, he handed several Certificates to the photographers who supported the anniversary event, including the Oradea photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP, the president of AIEFA. The Deputy Mayor for Culture of Dr. Puskás István appreciated the important role that the Photoclub celebrated in the cultural life of Debrecen had for nine decades. During the opening, the president of AIEFA also spoke, appreciating the fact that between the photographers from the two twinned cities there is an exceptional permanent collaboration of over 32 years, materialized through a series of events and exhibitions organized in Oradea and Debrecen. At the end of the speech, the photographer artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP handed over to the president of the celebrated Photoclub the Jubilee Plaque of the Photographic Club “Nufărul” Oradea and of AIEFA. The jubilee exhibition was opened by Mr. Hupján Attila, President of the MAOE Photography Department. The cultural program of the opening was offered by the artists Áchim Tibor - Linzerbold Gábor (saxophone) and Tóháti Szílvia Klaudia (dance). At the end of the festivity, the celebrated photographers and those invited participated in a festive meal organized at the “Reskontó” Restaurant in Debrecen. (Photo: Csíki János)



 In the hall of the Csili Cultural Center in Budapest took place on Sunday, April 23, 2022 in the General Assembly of the members of the Magyar Fotóművészeti Alkotócsoportok Országos Szövetsége (Association of Hungarian Photo Clubs MAFOSZ), operational member of the Hungarian Art Federation ), awarding the MAFOSZ and FIAP Diplomas of Distinction and Merit. The diplomas were handed out by MAFOSZ President Horváth Imre. Among those celebrated were the Oradea photographer Ștefan TÓTH István AFIAP, ESFIAP, president of the International Association "Euro Foto Art" (14 years old), the Photographic Club "Nufărul" Oradea (46 years) and the Association of Romanian Artists ( 5 years), vice-president of MAFOSZ (7 years)  and Kárpát-medence Magyar Fotogáfia Egyesület (Hungarian Association of Carpathian Basin Photographers) 1 years, who was awarded the ESFIAP Diploma (Fiap Excellence for Services Rendered), issued on 27.11.2012. The President of MAFOSZ emphasized in his speech that the awarding of this title to the photographer artist from Oradea (with dual citizenship) is the first distinction obtained by a photographer from Hungary. By awarding this international distinction, the International Federation of Photographic Art (Recognized by UNESCO) paid tribute to his efforts in his work and technique in the field of photographic art in gratitude for his eminent services. It is mentioned that in the 50 years of artistic activity Ștefan TÓTH István AFIAP, ESFIAP has organized over 1,000 national and international exhibitions of photographic art (many with the auspices of FIAP), dozens of International Salons of Photographic Art with the patronage of FIAP, he was the lecturer and organizer of hundreds of courses of technique and photographic art (in Romanian and Hungarian), graduated by thousands of students (many of them becoming renowned photographers in different parts of the world with special FIAP distinctions!). He also founded in 1990 and is the curator of the founding of the longest-lived Permanent Gallery of Photographic Art in Romania, which in 2019 became the 17th FIAP Exhibition Center in the world, in which they were opened until currently over 600 photographic art exhibitions from around the world. the Oradea photographer donated to the Oradea City Museum. His cameras and its annexes, gathered in 50 years of artistic activity, laid the foundations of a collection of Technique and Photographic Art, which thus became the first Museum of Photography in Romania. It is to be appreciated that the application file of the well-known photographer from Oradea was sent to FIAP for the first time by MAFOSZ, later by the Association of Photographic Artists in Romania (AAFR), but the International Federation of Photographic Art took into account the first registration from Hungary).


On Saturday, March 26, at 12 noon, the "Délvidéki Ház" hall in Szeged - part of the "Hungarian Houses" network - hosted the festive opening of the exhibition "The Master and His Disciples". During the event, the exam papers of the 101 graduates of the online course of technique and photographic art from the Carpathian Basin held by the Oradea photographer Ștefan Tóth, István AFIAP, ESFIAP, respectively the photos selected for this occasion from the anniversary exhibition of the famous photographer were exhibited. . The event was attended by over 35 graduates from Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Serbia. Photographers from Ukraine, Transcarpathia region, were absent for well-known reasons. The audience was greeted by Stanik István, the specialized director of the Hungarian Houses, who thanked the participants for contributing to this historic event, but also the photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP for the exemplary organization of the course. Next, the photographer from Oradea presented the exhibited creations, then offered bouquets of flowers to the organizer of the event, Török Ferenc Lászlóné Katalin, for the help given in the opening of the opening, respectively to the plastic artist and photographer Bánházi Gyöngyi, on the occasion of her birthday. The musical moments during the opening were offered by the viola artist Thurzó Sándor József, the leader of the chamber duo Varoensis from Oradea, who performed his own orchestration from the Hungarian folk song "Kossuth Lajos azt üzente ...", a musical version composed by the composer Balázs Árpád on the lyrics of the poem “Fa leszek ...” by Petőfi Sándor (on the occasion of the Petőfi Sándor Memorial Year), respectively “Ave Maria” by Bihari Sándor. At the end of the event, the photographer Fórián Andrea performed the poem "A Kárpátok dala" by Dutka Ákos, with musical accompaniment. Prior to the opening, the meeting to establish the Union of Hungarian Photographers in the Carpathian Basin took place. Within it, the Oradea photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP presented the FIAP medal, recognized by UNESCO, to the executive director Dr. Szabó Pál Csaba. In conclusion, the executive director thanked the photographer from Oradea for his special activity, handed him the anniversary plaque of the institution he runs. On Saturday morning, the guests took part in a photo tour through the city, under the guidance of Szeged photographer Dobronai-Fenyvessy Orsolya. (Photo by: Csíki János)



After the success of the 7th edition. of the Exhibition of photojournalists from the Bihor - Hajdú-Bihar Euroregion in Oradea, the international show was also opened at Partium Ház (Partium House) in Debrecen (HU). On this occasion, a selection of 40 photographs made by photographers from the two neighboring counties were exhibited. The event organized by the International Association "Euro Photo Art" in partnership with Partium Ház (Partium House) belonging to the network Magyar Házak Non Profit SRL in Szeged (HU) took place on Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 15:00 local time in the presence of a large audience during the events dedicated to the Hungarian Press Day, which is also the National Day of Hungary. The event was attended by photojournalists from Hajdú-Bihar County and Bihor County: Szilágyi Lóránd (Bihoreanul), Daniel Bureția (Romania TV), editor Tóth Hajnal (Várad Culture Magazine), as well as the two photojournalists from the Debrecen portal - Oradea (denagy.hu): Csíki János and Farkas László. The public at the opening was greeted by Stanik István, technical director of Magyar Házak Non Profit SRL in Szeged (HU) and Partium Ház in Debrecen, who said that the opening of the exhibition in Debrecen was organized on Hungarian Press Day. which is also the National Day of Hungary and thanked the International Association "Euro Photo Art" for the way this project and for the effort made in organizing this exceptional international event. The curator of the international project, the artist photographer Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, ESFIAP presented the context in which he initiated 7 years ago the first edition of the Bihor International Photojournalists Contest, which managed to gather annually the works of photojournalists from the two counties. The Deputy Mayor for Culture of Debrecen, Dr. Puskás István, appreciated the initiative of organizing this international event, which annually presents in an international exhibition the most representative events that took place the previous year in the two sister cities and counties. On this occasion, the digital catalog of the international exhibition was launched, published by the publishing house "Euro Foto Art", which can be browsed at: https://www.eurofotoart.com/efa-publishing-house/expo-fotoreporteri- euroregio-bh-hb / The Bihoreni Photojournalists Exhibition will remain at the disposal of the visiting public from Debrecen for a month. All the exhibited images can be admired on the website of the “Euro Foto Art” Association: https://www.eurofotoart.com/efa-exhibition-salons/ro-hu-photoreporters/


The closing ceremony of the series of events within the Hungarian Culture Week organized by UDMR and its partner institutions took place on Saturday at the Szigligeti Ede Theater in Oradea. During the festivity, a traditional awards gala took place. Among the winners was the Oradean photographer artist Ștefan TÓTH István. The praise was read by Mr. Szabó Ödön, member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, executive president of UDMR Bihor, who appreciated the fact that the photographer from Oradea flirted with photography from early childhood (1964), who specialized in self-taught photographic art . He made his debut as a photographer in 1973 with the work "Fighting Time", which was exhibited in the Dalles Hall in Bucharest, at the International Salon of Romania, organized under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), recognized by UNESCO. Throughout his half-century career he has created hundreds of art photographs accepted at hundreds of national and international photography fairs, many of which have been awarded medals and awards. In 1973 he became a member of the Romanian Association of Photographic Artists, and in 1978 he became an artist of the International Federation of Photographic Art. At the end of 2021 he received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the International Federation (ESFIAP). In 2016, he founded the “Ștefan Tóth István” Photographic Technique and Art Collection within the Oradea City Museum, to which he donated most of the exhibits in a total inventory value of 20,000 euros. In 2019 he became director of the FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea - Romania (the 17th in the World). From his works were organized 85 personal exhibitions and 57 main group exhibitions. He has participated in 53 national and international juries, has been declared a member and honorary advisor of over 20 Photographic Societies. He has participated in 40 photographic symposia and colloquia and 43 international photographic art festivals. During his 50 years of artistic activity, he made 109 creative trips to different parts of the world and was the director of 12 national photographic art projects, respectively organized 70 national and international photographic art salons and organized in Oradea and Bihor County. 37 international photographic art festivals. For 45 years he has been the lecturer of over 200 international courses of technique and photographic art, organized within the “Euro Photo Art” Academy Oradea which was graduated by over 2,000 photography lovers from several countries in Canada, Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, USA, Ukraine and Hungary. As the director of three publishing houses, he has edited 57 catalogs and albums of photographic art. He has been honored with 13 international awards and is an honorary member and advisor to 20 photo organizations around the world. He has organized over 1,000 photographic art exhibitions worldwide and has become the cultural ambassador of Oradea, Bihor County and Romania worldwide during his 50 activities in the field of photographic art. The diploma of Merit for Life was awarded to him by Mr. Szabó Ödön, member of the Chamber of Deputies of Romania, executive president of UDMR Bihor, and the Merit for Life Award, consisting of the statuette made by the famous Oradea sculptor Deák Árpád from Dr. István Vitányi Member in the Hungarian Parliament, who participated together with the photographer who celebrated a day ago at the opening of his jubilee exhibition at the House of Culture "Nadány Zoltán" in Berettyóújfalu (HU).  


On Sunday, November 21, 2021, at 12.30, in the Knights Hall of Károlyi Castle in Carei, the opening of the jubilee exhibition of the Oradea photographer Ștefan TÓTH István AFIAP took place, entitled “Surprised moments”. The cultural event was opened and moderated by Dragoș Georgescu, Manager of Tourism Activities at the Center for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism "GrófKárolyi", followed by the photographer BikfalviZsolt, referent at the Centre for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism " GrófKárolyi ”and vice-president of the “VasileVénig László ”Photo Club. Oradea photographer Ștefan TÓTH István AFIAP thanked the organizers for the conditions created and the public for participating and presented details about his vast career and about his experiences over time. The musical moments were offered by the representative of the Chamber Group "Duo Varadiensis" from Oradea, ThurzóSándorJózsef, who performed the songs: "Menuett in preclassic style" by MacalikAlfréd, "Ave Maria" by SvetozarSasa Kovacevic, "Feast of the New Spring" by Mao - Yuan, “This Street” by Kono Michi by Yamada Kosaku, “The Ballad” by CiprianPorumbescu, “Sérgio Kuhlmann” (variations on a theme: “Bicinia”) by KodályZoltán. The exhibition, which is installed on the floor of the Knights' Hall, includes a selection of 40 black and white and colour photographs, accepted and awarded at various national and international photographic art fairs. The exhibits are presented in cycles, several artistic photographs being taken in the three stages of the development of the art of photography: analogue, digital and smart phones. At the end of the event, the artist gave autographs on the specially edited catalogue on this occasion. The event was organized by the "VasileVénig László" Carei Photo Club, the Culture and Sports Department and the "GrófKárolyi" Center for the Promotion of Cultural Tourism Foundation and the "Euro Foto Art" International Association on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of his birth and 50 years of artistic activity of the well-known photographer from Oradea. The opening was sent online on Facebook: having an impact until the creation of this article by over 230 people and can be reviewed at: https://www.facebook.com/EuroFotoArtAsociatieInternationala/videos/186295576955963 The works will remain available to the visiting public until 03.12.2021, and can be admired from Tuesday to Sunday between 09:00 - 16:30. The exhibited images can also be admired on the website of the Eurofotoart Association: https://www.eurofotoart.com/efa-exbhibitions-halls/fiap-exhibition-center-oradea/



The opening of the jubilee exhibition of the Oradea photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, entitled “Surprised Moments”, took place in the Gallery of the oldest Photographic Association in Hungary, on the banks of the Danube on Wednesday, October 27 2021, at 16:00. On this occasion, a selection of 32 large photographs from the Jubilee Exhibition were presented. The audience at the event was greeted by the representative of the Hungarian Photography Association in Budapest (Magyar Fotogáfiai Egyesület), founded in 1892, the photographer Mészáros Ödön, the director for Hungary of the International Association "Euro Foto Art" based in Oradea, which appreciated the good collaboration relations of over three decades that exist between the two Partner Organizations. The exhibiting photographer then talked about his career as a photographer and cultural manager for over 50 years. The renowned Hungarian artist Eifert János EFIAP, -  well-known to the public from Oradea, following several exhibitions organized in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea - Romania, - presented the exhibited works. Deputy Director General of the Support Administration of the Hungarian Ministry of Human Resources (Emberi Erőforrás Támogatáskezelő főigazgató helyetes) Tirts Tamás appreciated the results of the photographic artist exhibiting in the field of international photographic art, as well as his creative and managerial power. At the end of the opening, the public  at the event was invited to a party prepared by the two partner organizations. The event was also attended by the great-grandson of the first photographer from Oradea, Mezey Lajos, the lawyer Mezey András. The musical moments were offered by the representative of the chamber group "Duo Varadiensis" the artist Thurzó Sándor József, who performed the violin pieces "Menuett in preclassic style" by Macalik Alfréd, "Ave Maria" by Svetozar Sasa Kovacevic, "The Feast of the New First by Mao - Yuan, “This Street” by Kono Michi by Yamada Kosaku, “The Ballad” by Ciprian Porumbescu, “Sérgio Kuhlmann” (variations on a theme: “Bicinia”) by Kodály Zoltán. Representative of the “Sola Fide” band from Oradea, the poet and photographer artist Fórián Andrea recited two poems from her personal volume of poems, being accompanied by the Oradea viola artist Thurzó Sándor József. The participants at the opening were offered the jubilee album of the exhibiting photographer, as well as the jubilee catalog of the first photographer from Oradea, published by ”Euo Foto Art” Oradea Publishing House. The opening was broadcast online and was watched until the writing of this article by over 100 visitors, including the renowned Turkish artist Reha Bilir, who appreciated the event and congratulated the organizers. The opening can be viewed online and at the address of the International Association: https://www.facebook.com/EuroFotoArtAsociatieInternationala/videos/1001432420415345 The exhibition of the photographer artist from Oradea will remain available to the visiting public until November 16, 2021.





The FIAP Exhibition Center Uzhhorod - Ukraine, located in the Medieval Fortress of the locality, managed by the Association of Photographic Artists from "Transcarpathia", prepared for the visiting public in partnership with the Regional Museum "Lehoczky Tivadar", from the Medieval Fortress, a new photographic art exhibition. A selection of 50 black-and-white and color photographs were installed on the walls of the first hall of the well-known Gallery, made up of the works of the Oradea photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP entitled “Surprised moments”. The second room hosted the exhibition of EFIAP photographer Oleg Kutskiy from Odessa (Ukraine). The exhibition of the photographer from Oradea was organized on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of his birth and 50 years of artistic activity. The personal exhibition presents artistic photographs created in the three stages  of photographic art development: analog, digital and smart phones. The opening of the exhibition, organized under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art, took place on Friday, October 1, 2021, at 15:00, in the presence of officials, the representative of the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhhorod, the author, his family members and   members of the public. The audience was greeted by the director of the Royal Museum of History, "Lehoczky Tivadar" Mihalko Delehan, who appreciated the importance of organizing photographic art exhibitions in the FIAP Exhibition Center within the Museum. Ujhorod Deputy Mayor Vasyl Homonay presented to photographer photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP Certificate of Excellence of Ujhorod City Hall as gratitude for his contribution to strengthening the collaboration between the two organizations in Ukraine and Romania and for organizing the exhibition in the two cities. The President of the Department of Culture of the "Transcarpathian" Region Yevhen Tyschuk welcomed this opening and the presence of hungarian photographers artists from Romania and Ukraine. The representative of the Hungarian Consulate in Uzhhorod, Consul Albertné Simon Edina appreciated the presence in Uzhhorod of the Oradea photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP and the artistic level of the exhibits. Photographer Norba Volodimyr, director of FIAP EC Uzhorod - Ukraine, highlighted the good existing collaboration relations with photographers from Ukraine and Romania and presented the future projects to be carried out with the International Association "Euro Photo Art". The artistic moments of the opening were provided by the vocal group "Rozmariya" from Uzhhorod, who performed folk songs from the Ukrainian repertoire and by Gergely Tamás from Botfalva (Bátfa) who performed traditional Hungarian folk songs on accordion and vocals. The event was broadcast online on the Association's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EuroFotoArtAsociatieInternationala/ The exhibition entitled "Surprised moments" will remain available to the visiting public until 15.10.2021, and can be visited from Tuesday until Sunday from 09:00 to 17:00. The exhibited images can also be admired on the Association's website: https://www.eurofotoart.com/stefan-toth-istvan-afiap/ 


The Embassy of India to Romania in collaboration with the Office of the President of the Committee on Foreign Affairs, Chamber of Deputies organized the launching event of the photography exhibition on India, on 27 September 2021, on the Premisses of the Palace of Parliament. The event counted with the opening speeches of H.E. Mrs. Rozália Ibolya Biró, President of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Chamber of Deputies and of H.E. Mr. Rahul Shrivastava, Ambassador of India to Romania. Further remarks were delivered by  Mrs. Claudia Banu, President of the Romania-India friendship group, Parliament of Romaniaand Mr. Ştefan Tóth István, Curator of the exhibition and President of Euro Foto Art Association, Oradea. The musical moments were held by the representative of the Chamber Group "Duo Varadiensis" from Oradea, Thurzó Sándor József and Mrs. Mariana Sharma (Naliny) who performed musical creations from the Indian repertoire.. The 72 black/ white and colour photographs were part of the “Lens Vision” Exhibition, launched earlier this year by Euro Foto Art Association in partnership with the Oradea City Museum, under the auspices of the Embassy of India in Romania. “Lens Vision” comprises photographs of a high artistic attire made by the President of the “Bengal Photography Institute” from Kolkata (India), Sanjoy Bhattacharya, an eminent photographer artist with an extensive experience in both commercial and art photography and his students: Suparna Acharya, Rituparna Bhattacharya, Suman Banerjee, Subrata Prasanna Banerjee, Anirban Basu, Dipankar Chakraborty, Devi prasad Chandra, Sayani Chowdhury, Aniruddha Das, Soham Dasgupta, Samir Kumar Datta, Subasis Datta, Subhajit Dey, Sagarika Dutta, Mritunjoy Mahanta, Sovana Mohapatra, Abhishek Mondal, Shayan Mondal, Atish Mukherjee, Debashish Mukherjee, Santanu Mukherjee, Pinaki Mukherjee, Surajit Mukherjeh, Subhra Roychowdhury, Anup Saha, Neha Sharma, Mahua Sarkar, Abhirup Sen, Satarupa Sen, Priyanka Sil. The photography exhibition drives from the creativity of the artists, whoillustrated their exploration of creative solutions to the various challenges they have to deal with when they go out with the camera. Hence, ”LensVision” provides the students of the “Bengal Photography Institute” from Kolkata (India) with a large platform to showcase their talents and present it to the public. The photographic exhibition on India will remain available to the visiting public until 03.10.2021. For visits, pleasebook a slot with the Embassy of India, one day prior to your visit, by email at: socsec.bucharest@mea.gov.inThe images can also be admired on the website of the”Euro Foto Art” Association: https://www.eurofotoart.com/efa-exbhibitions-halls/fiap-exhibition-center-oradea/

A Worthy Celebration for Photographer Tóth István

 Oradea photographer Tóth István AFIAP was celebrated on hir birthday, 9 August 2021, in Sion Neolog Synagogue, surrounded by almost a hundred friends and colleagues, photographers, relatives and family members. Several photographers from Oradea, Bucharest, Carei, Târgu Secuiesc (RO), but also Budapest, Biatorbágy, Debrecen, and Szolnok (HU) were present at the festive event. At the jubilee, audiences listened to the music of chamber orchestra Duo Varadiensis as well as Oradea Rock Philharmony, who have elevated the mood of many exhibition openings organized by the celebrant throughout these past decades.

Theaudience was greeted by Bozsódi-Nagy Orsolya Boglárka , translator and interpreter, literary secretary of Szigligeti Theatre Oradea, whom besides presenting the event, provided the Wnglish translation of the speeches. She thanked director Angela Lupșea for putting the wonderful synagogue, a historical monument, at the event’s disposal. First, photographer artist  Tóth István AFIAP talked about his carreer as an artist and as a manager of various photo associations, followed by Biró Rozália, MP, president of the Committee for External Politics in the Parliament of Romania, who emphasized the important role played by the photographer in the photographic landscape of Oradea in the past five decades. Dr. Ramona Novicov and dr. Radu Igazság, university professors from Oradea and Bucharest respectively, made emotional speeches at the event. They are both long-time collaborators of the celebrant. Horváth Imre, president of the  Association of Hungarian Photo Clubs (MAFOSZ) also appreciated the contribution of Tóth István AFIAP as an artist, a cultural manager, and as vice president of MAFOSZ responsible for cross-border relationships. At the end of the first anniversary event, he awarded an honorary diploma to Tóth István, followed by another one for the 30th anniversary of Euro Photo Art Gallery, a certificate he was unable to hand out last year due to the pandemic.

After the speeches, guests were invited to a reception organized for them by the celebrant. The anniversary continued the next day, Tuesday, 10 August, in the medieval fortress of Oradea. The exhibition entitled Captured Moments was opened in Euro Photo Art Gallery, Exhibition Centre of Oradea-Romania, featuring works from the entire career of the photographer. 70 images were exhibited in the gallery, representing 50 years of artistic creation in the golden age of photography, the era of digital cameras, and, lastly, the world of smartphones. Attendees were greeted by museologist dr. Diana Iancu, representing Oradea City Museum of Țării Crișurilor Museum Complex, who thanked the photographer for five years of collaboration resulting in the opening of over 60 international photo exhibitions. In her speech, art critic dr. Ramona Novicov said that “if yesterday was the day of tears, today is that of joy.” Photographer Horváth Imre, president of MAFOSZ, encouraged the celebrant to focus more on his artistic career in the future. Music for the opening was provided by viola artist Thurzó Sándor József. At the end of the opening and after taking a group picture, photographer Tóth István was toasted again for his birthday at the Association’s headquarters, in building C of the Fortress of Oradea. On their way to the headquarters, guests admired the documentary exhibition encompassing the life and work of Tóth István, in the gallery named after Vilidár István. Attendees of both events were presented with Tóth István’s album Captured Moments, published courtesy of Creatpy Ltd. Both events were broadcast via Facebook Live on the page of the internation association, at  https://www.facebook.com/EuroFotoArtAsociatieInternationala/


Cíki János (EFA) - Oradea (RO):

- 01, 02, 05, 08, 09, 10, 19, 36, 38, 43, 44, 75, 76, 77.

Ciucur Losonczi Antónius (Bihari Napló) - Oradea (RO):

- 04, 31

Eifert János - Budapest  (HU):

- 06, 13, 17, 18, 21, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29, 30, 32, 34, 37, 39, 40, 42, 46,48, 54, 57, 60, 61, 63, 66, 69, 71,74, 78

Eugenia Pașca (Agerpres) - Oradea (RO):

- 68, 73

Szegedi Éva (EFA) - Oradea (RO):

- 03, 11, 14, 20,22, 27, 33

Ovidiu Sălăgean - Oradea (RO):

- 55, 56,58, 59, 60, 62, 64, 65, 67, 70, 72.

Varga Bernadette (EFA) - Oradea (RO):


- 04, 12, 15, 16, 35, 40, 42,49




In the presence of a large number of friends, photographers and family members, the funeral of the renowned photographer artist Haragos Zoltán EFIAP took place on Friday, July 23, 2021 at the Reformed Cemetery in Târgu Mureș, who passed away at the age of 92. The event was also attended by photographer artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP from Oradea (accompanied by his wife), who for several decades was a close friend of the late and renowned photographer Haragos Zoltán EFIAP. (Foto: EFA) 



On May 7th 2021, at 16:00 local time (17:00 in Romania), in Debrecen, in the Partium House, in front of a large gathering of public, the 7th edition of the International Photo Reporters Exhibition - from the Bihor - Hajdu Bihar Euroregion took place, as part of the 10th edition of the European Photography Festival, dedicated to Europe’s Day and organized by the Euro Foto Art Association (AIEFA), the exhibition being organized under the auspices of FIAP and it’s open between May 7 and May 31 2021. The public in attendance was greeted by Stanik Istvan - director of the Partium House of Debrecen, who appreciated the initiative of organizing this event by the Euro Foto Art Association, under FIAP auspices, as well as presenting this exhibition in the two sister cities (Oradea and Debrecen). Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP- president of the International Association and at the same time the director of the 10th edition of the European Photography Festival, presented the context in which, 6 years ago, he initiated the first edition of the competition organized for photo reporters from the two sister towns: Oradea and Debrecen. He also thanked the vice-mayor of Debrecen for his presence at the event. Mr Toth was also thankful for the opportunity of being present at this event, organized by AIEFA and Partium House, along a group of photographers and reporters from Oradea. The vice-mayor of Debrecen and responsible for Cultural events - Mr. Puskas Istvan expressed his joy of being able to participate in person to this event since the pandemic started and congratulated the organizers as well as the participants for their works. “It is important to support these initiatives that help strengthen the collaboration between the two sister cities. Thanks to the fact that the photographs show the most important events that took place over the last year in the two cities, this exhibition is also an information source for the visitors. Organizing this exhibition under the auspices of FIAP, as part of the 10th edition of the European Photography Festival makes sure that Debrecen is included in a prestigious international circuit,” said the vice-mayor of Debrecen. Musical moments were provided y Csaba Kocsis from Berettyoujfalu - AIEFA member and photo reporter (who also had photographs exhibited in this event) who interpreted for the public three poems of journalists from the two counties, aided by his guitar:Itt a bozótban” (Here in the bushes) by Ady Endre, ”A testőr” (Bodyguard) by Nadányi Zoltán and ”Végrendelet” (Testament) by Bényei József. The official guest of the event was Thurzo Sandor Jozsef, which unfortunately could not attend due to current health restrictions. In the exhibition, works by Camelia Bușu (RO) - ”Jurnal Bihorean” (RO),  Dan Bureția (România TV),  Csíki Ioan (RO) - ”denagy” (HU) Illés Emeric Imre (RO), Kiss Annamarie - ”Hajdú Bihari Napló” (HU),  Kocsis Csaba (HU)  - ”Biharország” (RO),  Kovács Péter (HU)  - ”Hajdú Bihari Napló” (HU) Szegedi Éva (RO) - ”denagy” (HU),  Szilágyi Loránd (RO) - ”Bihoreanul” (RO),  Mészáros Varga Erzsébet (RO) - ”denagy” (HU),  Ovi D. Pop EFIAPS (RO),  Mădălina Irina Sim - ”Bihoreanul” (RO),  Remus Toderici (RO) - ”Crișana” (RO),  Varga Bernadette (RO) were displayed. The exhibition is open for visitors until June 5th 2021, in the Partium House Gallery, on Burgundia Street 3A, Debrecen ( Photos by Dehir.hu/ Kandert Szabolcs)



On Sunday, October 7, 2018 at 13:00, a successful international workshop was organized at the headquarters of the Japanese-Hungarian Friendship Association in Tokyo (Shinagawa Gotanda sector), Japan, with the participation of English, Japanese and Japanese artists from Hungary. The long-awaited event by Japanese photographers and more, organized by the International Association "Euro Photo Art" (AIEFA) in partnership with the "Danube" Photoclub in Yokohama. The event, which lasted more than 3 hours and was given in Hungarian by renowned photographer Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, President of AIEFA, was attended by the 10 Japanese and Hungarian artists: Tamás Kardos from Kőszegszerdahely (HU ), respectively Miklós Kovács from Budapest (HU). Japanese translation services were provided by Katsuya Tazaki of Yokohama. Given the success of the first international workshop, the presidents of the two Partner Organizations decided to organize a new debate through the ZOOM platform on Sunday 18.04.2021, from (RO) 08:00 - time (JP) 14:00 . Previously, the president of the Yokohama Photo Club "Danube" sent for debate the 152 monochromatic and color images made by members of the Yokohama Photo Club: Aston Bridgman, Keiko Chigira, Ignat Gorazd, Kisera Hayase, Masami Kato, Katsushige Kawano, Masaaki Koizumi. Keiko Nakanishi, Michiyo Nakanishi, Yoshiyuki Obayashi, Mikiko Osada and Ryuichi Tazaki. During the meeting, the photographer from Oradea presented different ways of processing and improving the technical and artistic level of the images. The meeting was a great success, which is why the two Organizations agreed to repeat the photographic workshop in the near future. (EFA photo)


The International Association “Euro Foto Art” is organizing in the first half of the year, in partnership with the Carpathian Basin Institute from Varpalota (HI) an international course for introduction to photographic art and technique, organized in Hungarian. 100 photography aficionados from Hungarian communities from the Carpathian Basin are taking part in the course, without having to pay for the classes. After finishing the classes, a representative exhibition will be organized in June 2021 in Szegedin (HU), made up of 100 photographs taken by the 100 participants. The graduates of the first course have presented their works in an exhibition organized in February 2021, in the “Ștefan Vilidár István” Gallery, from the Princely Palace of the Oradea Medieval Fortress (building C). Saturday March 13 2021 at 11:00, the online exhibition of the second series of graduates took place. The participants were from Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine, 19 in total. The graduates exhibited a total of 70 photographs. The graduates are: Andorkó Attila (RO), Bardocz Éva (RO),Dobán Vivien (UA), Farkas Endre (RO), Fábián Gergely (SK), Ferenczi Éva (SK),Kóródi Patricia (HU), Gál Mária (HU), Guzsvány Réka (SRB),  Hátszegi Csaba (RO), Kéri György-Ottó (RO), Kertész Hajnalka (RO), Kovács Andrea (RO), Kovács Orsolya (RO), Jacina Mária (UA), Jusztin László (SRB), Serege Zsuzsanna (HU), Szalai Attila (SRB), Ürge Mátyás (SK). The event could be followed online, on the facebook page of the Association:  https://www.facebook.com/EuroFotoArtAsociatieInternationala. Those in attendance were greeted by the president of the “Euro Foto Art” International Association Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, at the same time the  teacher for the classes. The event, broadcast from the Association’s headquarters in the Princely palace of the Oradea Medieval Fortress, was the host of two of the graduates from Oradea: Kovács Andrea  and Kovács Orsolya. During the event, the representative of the Partium House in Debrecen (HU) Némethy Norbert talked appreciatively of the way in which the classes were organized. Other twelve graduates, from Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine also had the chance to talk during the event and many of them were thankful for the way in which the classes were organized. At the end of the classes, the graduates are to receive their Graduation Certificate, edited in English and their local languages, via mail. The exhibition can also be seen online at the following address: https://www.eurofotoart.com/efa-courses/  (Photo: Csíki János)



The International Association "Euro Photo Art" between 08 - 31 May 2020, organizes the 11th edition of the European Photography Festival, dedicated to Europe Day. Initially, the launch of the Festival was to take place on May 8, 2020, at 6 p.m. at the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea - Romania. Considering the situation we are in, the event took place online, in the chancellery of the photographer Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, the president of the International Association. During the launch of the Festival, the 12th edition of the “Eurofotoart Stars” International Salon was organized by the “Euro Foto Art” International Association under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art. During the opening, the photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP stated that the online opening is the first to be sent on Facebook, - after the 580 openings organized so far in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea - Romania (the longest lasting permanent gallery of photographic art in Romania). He went on to thank the 64 photographers who honored the International Salon with their work, photographed in 32 countries of the Old Continent: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Switzerland, Finland, France , Germany, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Malta, United Kingdom, Moldova, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine and Hungary. The members of the International Association "Euro Photo Art", 54 of its Partner Organizations from Asia, Europe and the Middle East, respectively renowned guest artists of honor from Egypt, Italy, the Republic of Moldova and Romania were invited to participate in this International Salon. Next, the president of the International Association "Euro Foto Art" announced the name of the photographer, who obtained the most votes of the public, which is Alex-Dian Bureția, member of the Photography Club "Nufărul" Oradea, with 85 appreciations. Those who want to admire the accepted photos will have the opportunity to do so starting with Friday, May 15, 2020, in the Gallery "Euro Photo Art, FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea - Romania (1 December Square no. 12). The exhibition number 581 organized with the support of the Bihor County Council, of the Oradea City Hall, will remain available to the public until June 4, 2020, on working days between 08:00 - 19:00, when public access is free. Euro Photo Art Association.

 Friendship in need is known ...


This well-known popular saying came true in this special situation in which we all find ourselves. After the members and friends of Photo China Network Online from Zhuhai (Partner Organization of the International Association "Euro Foto Art") after learning that the coronavirus pandemic has spread in Romania, they thought of coming to the aid of their friends in our country. So the photographers bought and sent by express courier for their friends from Romania: to the photographers Ștefan Tóth AFIAP the president of the International Association “Euro Foto Art”, Sorin Tabacu, the counselor of the Organization, Constantin Lupu honorary member from Bucharest and Tudorel Ilie from Baia Mare 400 Coronavirus masks. Those who initiated and contributed financially to their procurement and shipment to Romania are Chinese artists from Beijing, Sanghai and Zhuhai: Rongzhao Li, Haibo Chi, Ruisheng Zhu, Weilu Chen, President of China Photo Netwrok Online in Zhuhai (China), Hui Zhang, Guodong Shen, Dan Chen secretary of China Photo Netwrok Online in Zhuhai (China), Zeling Wu, Xi Zhu and Fanjing Lu. The masks were taken over on Monday, April 27, 2020 by the photographer Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the International Association “Euro Foto Art”. Sincere thanks for their help ...!!!


It was the generic of the first national photo exhibition, organized by the "Abgineh" Photo Club Photo Club Partner Organization of the International Association "Euro Photo Art" (AIEFA), under the patronage of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and of the AIEFA, opened between 14 - 19 November 2019 at the "Rezvan" Gallery in Mashad (Iran). The exhibition was organized with the support of "The Founder of the Human Act Foundation, CEO of Human Act in Iran and" Abgineh "Photographic Research & Studies Institute in Mashad (Iran). Human Act Foundation is a worldwide development organization. The organizers of the exhibition wanted to present through the 50 photographs exhibited that extreme poverty is not a natural state to accept, and the goods of the world can be distributed differently so as to make people's lives easier. You can view the displayed images: https://www.eurofotoart.com/efa-organisation-partners/043-p-c-abgineh-mashad-iran/




 A group of 10 members of "Japanese Danube" photoclub from Yokohama (Japan)-partner organization of the Euro Foto Art International Association (EFAIA)-has visited Oradea and Bihor region between the 30th of May and the 2nd of June 2019. The delegation was welcomed by Mr. Pásztor Sándor, the president of the Bihor region Counsil on Friday, the 31st of May at 9.00 hours in the festivity hall. There was a meeting with Mrs. Lucia Pantea, manager of the international relationships of the Bihor Council, who appreciated the good collaboration between the Japanese Photoclub and the EFAIA and invited the artists to show their images taken in this region. The presidents of the two partner organizations: Tazaki Ryuichi and Stefan Tóth AFIAP appreciate the quality of the long-lasting cooperation, no matter the huge distance between Japan and Romania. An exhibition presenting images of the 10 artists was opened at the Oradea Medieval Fortress. The opening took place on Friday, the 31st of May 2019 at 10.00 hours. The public was saluted by Mr. Imre Zoltán, the manager of the Oradea Museum-Cultural Center and by Mr. Tazaki Ryuichi and by Mr. Stefan Tóth AFIAP. The exposed images were presented by dr. Ramona Novicov, art critic and by Mr. Szücs László, editor at the "Várad" cultural magazine. The musical moments were offered by Thurzó Sándor József, viola artist, member of the ”Varadiensis” Duo. The message of His Excellency-Nitoshi Noda, the ambassador of Japan in Romania, was read at the opening. After the opening, the Japanese delegation, together with members of the ”Euro Foto Art” International Association and of the Nufarul photoclub, has started its travel through Bihor region with the Valea Ierului (Diosig, Otomani, Sălacea, Galoșpetreu). The next day they have visited Marghita. Here they had the opportunity to meet the members of the  ”Helios” Photoclub and to visit the local hospital. The Japanese delegation was leaded by Sorin Tabacu, the counselor of the ”Euro Foto Art” International Association, Posán Lajos, the president of the ”Helios” Photoclub Marghita and dr. Szabó József, from the local hospital. There was a workshop organized for the guests in Jebuc, Sălaj region. The Stars Association from Cluj-Napoca prepared a photography exhibition opened in Jebuc and an art exhibition opened in the ”STARS” Gallery from Cluj-Napoca. The Japanese delegation left Romania on Sunday, the 2nd of May 2019. 



Photographer artist Stefan Tóth AFIAP, the president of the Euro Foto Art International Association and the manager of the ”Carol Pop de Szathmári - Szathmári Pap Károly” International Photography Festival was invited all together with dr. Teodor Radu Pantea EFIAPs and with Felicianu Felix to participate at the opening of the exhibition of Mariana Scubli in Sighetu Marmatiei, on Thursday, the 31st of January 2018 at 16.00 hours. Photographers Stefan Tóth and Felicianu Felix appreciated the high level of the exposed images. The exhibition held at Sighet Radio includes 50 images of local traditions. (Photography: dr. Teodor Radu Pantea EFIAP).



The members of the ”Euro Foto Art” International Association and of the ”Nufarul” Photoclub celebrated their photography achievements at the ”Capitollium” Restaurant, on Thursday, the 20th of December 2018, at 18.00 hours. 30 photographers from Oradea and honorable guests from Bucharest, Marghita, Carei (RO) and Beretyoujfalu (HU) were present. During the evening, slideshows of over 60 images of exhibitions organized by the above mentioned organizations were shown. Slideshows of the following artists were presented: Tudorel Ilie, Sorin Tabacu, Stefan Tóth AFIAP and Gelu Vrabie. These slideshows were also presented at the beginning of December in Zuhai and Macao - China with great success, during the Romanian Photography Festival in China, organized by ICR Beijing in partnership with the ”Euro Foto Art” International Association(EFAIA). Stefan Tóth, the president of the EFAIA, gave to Claudiu Szabó, the vice-president of the EFAIA, the excellence wafer for his voluntary work over 2018 in making over 70 exhibition posters and program notebooks. Excellence wafer also got the Duran's ltd for making exhibition posters. The musical moments were offered by Florian Chelu Oradea (RO) and by Kocsis Csaba, photographer from Berettyóújfalu (HU).




On Wednesday, the 21st of November 2018, at 17.30 hours, at the ”C.Nottara” Theater from Bucharest, in the preamble of the Multiart theater festival for prisoners - "DANA CENUSA - unchaining through culture" the "With camera through prisons" exhibition's opening took place, during the International Theater Festival. The event was organized by the Nottara Theater in collaboration with the National Administration of the Prisons (ANP). Stefan Tóth AFIAP, the president of the ”Euro Foto Art” International Association and the coordinator of the "With camera through prisons" national project, was present at the event. The first catalogue, called The National Folk Festival - the 4th edition, printed with the support of the National Administration of Prisons (ANP) and of the EFA, was released. The catalogue includes images taken by the well-known photographer, Stefan Tóth AFIAP from Oradea for the "With camera through prisons" project which was opened on the 14th of September 2018 at the ”Dimitrie Gusti” Folk Museum in Bucharest. In 2019 will be released more catalogues related to this project. Ioana Morar, the vice manager of the ANP, gave the author a honorable diploma signed by Marian Dobrica, chief commissary of prisons and the general manager of ANP.  The prise was given especially for the contribution at the social reintegration. The project wants to illustrate, in an artisical way, the reality of the Romanian prisons and this way, to sensitize the public with regard to the deprivation of freedom.




Seven photographers from Yokohama, members of the Danubiu Photoclub (partner organization of the ”Euro Foto Art” International Association - EFA) went to the Narita airport from Tokio (at 80 km distance) on Sunday, the 14th of October 2018 to say good bye to the three guest artists, members of the EFA. These were in a creation travel to Japan during the 1st and the 14th of October. Stefan Tóth AFIAP, the president of the EFA, Kardos Tamás from Köszegszerdahely and Kovács Miklós from Budapest (HU) had the opportunity to visit many special places in Japan, thanks to Ruichi Tazaki, the president of the Danubiu photoclub and his son, Katsuya Tazaki who translated into Hungarian language. The three guests have met the managers of the Japanese Photography Society and the members of the Digital Photoclub from Tokyo on Saturday. In the Syasin private gallery, situated at the Fuji mountain, a special meeting took place with the well-known Mr. Tamitzuka Syansinka (photographer at the Fuji company) and with his wife, Yamanankako. Stefan Tóth AFIAP held a successful workshop with 12 members of the ”Danubiu” Photoclub from Yokohama and with the 2 members of the EFA from Hungary, at the center of the Japanese-Hungarian friendship from Tokyo. The 12 members of the ”Danubiu” Photoclub will visit for 10 days various places from Hungary and Romania (Oradea and Bihor region) in 2019.




On Friday, the 27th of July 2018, at 18.00 hours, there was opened the exhibition of the members of the Creative Union Photoart from Penza, the Russian Federation(a partner organization of the Euro Foto Art international association since 2013). The many visitors were saluted by Stefan Toth AFIAP, the President of EFA, who appreciated the long lasting collaboration. Dr. Ramona Novicov, art critic, appreciated the high artistical level and the diversity of the exposed images, underlying the genuine Russian spirit of them. The musical moments were offered by Alexandrina Chelu(voice) and Florian Chelu(guitar), performing the "Sound of shape" by Valeri Briusov and the 25th sonet by Shakespeare. Alexandrina Chelu performed " The poet" by Puskin. At the closing of the event, Stefan Toth AFIAP read the message of His Excellency, Valery I. Kuzmin, the Extraordinary  and Plenipotential Ambassador of the Russian Federation Embassy in Romania, who appreciated the collaboration between the two countries and the two cities: Oradea and Penza. The 556th exhibition, organized in partnership with the Nufarul photoclub and the Gheorghe Sincai regional library, will be opened to the public until the 16th of August 2018 between 8.00 and 19.00 hours on working days (Photo:Tünde Gorzó)




The opening took place on Saturday, the 30th of June 2018, at  the conference hall of the Oradea fortress in front of over 50 photographers from Hungary and Romania. The 34th edition of this event was organized by the MAFOSZ - the Association of the Hungary Photoclubs in partnership with the Euro Foto Art International Association (EFAIA) under the financial support of the regional Counsel of Bihor  (CJB) and the CJB - Oradea City Hall patronages. The public was saluted by Horváth Imre EFIAPs - the President of MAFOSZ and by Stefan Tóth AFIAP - the President of EFA and vice-president of MAFOSZ. Professor Dukrét Géza presented a brief history of Oradea. With regard to this, the photographers have visited and photographed the Oradea City Hall's tower, the Sion Synagogue, the Oradea Fortress from outside and the EFA's center. On Sunday, the photographers have visited the highest point of Oradea-the ”Ciuperca” where they admired the wonderful panorama of the city, then the ”St. Cross” Monastery and the Orthodox Synagogue ”Hevra Sas”. The photographers have visited the new center of the Museum of the Country of Rivers and the Museum of Oradea-Cultural Center where they admired the exposed images of the Stefan Tóth Technical and Art Photography Collection (The First Photography Museum in Romania). At 18:00 hours there was opened at the ”Euro Foto Art” Gallery the 555th exhibition including 98 images taken by the photographers who participated at the event organized by the MAFOSZ. At the end of the evening two slideshows were presented: "Oradea and Bihor region" by Ovi D. Pop EFIAP and "Caves of Romania" by Claudiu Szabo EFIAP. On Monday, the 2nd of July 2018, the photographers have visited the 1st of May Baths and the Felix Baths. At the end of the day the taken images were presented at the EFA Center. On the 4th day the photographers have travelled to the south of Bihor region. They have visited the Museum of , then the Cave of Bears and the Flutur open air museum in Chiscău and ”St. Teodor Tiron” wood church in Brătesti. At the end of the day the taken images were evaluated. On the 5th day, the 4th of July, the photographers have visited the theater, the Philharmonic hall, the Ady Endre High School (where a memory image was taken) and the Ady Endre Museum. At 11.00 hours, at the Oradea Museum-Cultural Center the "Foto Hungarikum" album was launched. The large number of visitors was saluted by dr. Ionut Ciorba from the Museum and by Horváth Imre, the President of MAFOSZ. The musical moments were offered by Lucian Malita (violin) and Thúrzó Sándor József (viola). In the afternoon there were professional talkings. Between 15:30 and 19:00  hours Török Ferenc from Vienna presented the Canon cameras. Then Kerekes István EFIAP/ 2p from Mosonmagyaróvár, Máthé András AFIAP Debrecen (Hu) and Lennert Géza EFIAP from Novi Sad (Serbia) talked about their photography careers and presented some of their images. In the evening the "Marmalade" movie was presented, then the nature-photographer Dezsö László from Gheorgheni, the main character of the film was the subject of the late discussion.On the 5th of July the photographers visited the north of Bihor region: the castle and the Church from Diosig, the Fishing Museum from Săcuieni founded by professor Alexandru Wilhelm, the Museum houses and  iron stoves exhibition founded by dr. Kéri Gáspár in Salacea and the House Museum from Otomani. On the 6th of July the photographers have visited in Oradea: the Roman-Catholic Basilica including its museum, the ”Tíbor Ernö” gallery, the ”Iosif Vulcan” Memorial Museum, the City Hall, the ”St. Nicholas” Greek-Catholic Church, the Orthodox Moon Church and its Museum. The closing festivity of the 34th edition of the MAFOSZ Summer Photography Art University took place on  Friday, the 6th of July, at the ”Nevis” hotel. Horváth Imre, the President of MAFOSZ gave the photographers the participation certificates. Stefan Tóth and the EFA got a diploma for organizing the event. In the autumn of this year there will be an exhibition at the Romanian Cultural Institute  Budapest including the images taken during the summer university. An album will be also released edited by MAFOSZ with the support of EFA.





On Saturday, the 12th of May 2018, at 9.00 hours, the requiem for one year of passing away of Constantin Dancoglu EFIAPb, member of the Nufarul photoclub, took place at the Moon Church from Oradea. Beyond the artist's mother and family members, also participated on this sad event: dr. Constantin Demeter, Ovidiu Gabor, Gheorghe Talpoș, Ștefan Tóth AFIAP,  and the viola artist, Thurzó Sándor. On the monthly meeting of the Nufarul photoclub's members, on the 17th of May 2018, there will be a projection with the images of the regretted photographer.


Visiting the Balassi Hungarian Institute in Istanbul


Friday, on June 11, the photographer Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the Euro Foto Art Association visited the Balassi Hungarian Institute in Istanbul, being invited by the director. With this occasion, the director - Gábor Fodor - took the photographer on a tour of the multifunctional spaces available to the institute, all very well fitted with various equipment, as well as the exhibition galleries. Ștefan Tóth AFIAP appreciated the concept of space seen at the Institute and was pleasantly impressed with what he saw. With this opportunity, the directors of both organizatons have agreed to organize in January 2017, in partnership with the “Dimitrie Cantemir” Romanian Cultural Institute in Istanbul - a complex event, held during the 5th edition of the “Carol Pop de Szathmari - Szathmari Pap Karoly” Festival. They agreed to organize an exhibition about the first war photoreporter in the world, to show the documentary made about his persona and to present an exhibit of digitalized photos of Carol Pop de Szathmári- Szathmári Pap Károly.


Award of Excellence for Ștefan Tóth AFIAP


The Employers Federation Bihor, under the patronage of the National Union of Romanian Employers has organized the festive gala Top Bihor Brands. This year’s gala was dedicated to celebrating 25 years of Employers Federation Bihor. During the festivity, which took place on May 20th 2016 in the Regina Maria State Theater in Oradea, a series of local companies were awarded prizes, for their economic results. Also, a series of cultural figures, sportsmen and politicians from Bihor were given awards. Mr. Ștefan Toth AFIAP was nominated for the excellence award. In a festive environment, Mr. Toth was awarded with an excellency prize for his work in the field of photography. The award was presented by Szabo Odon – deputy. In his laudation, Mr. Odon praised the artistic and management deeds of Mr. Toth. After receiving the award, Mr. Toth thanked his wife and family for being besides him in the last 40 years and for the moral support they offered him in his complex work, and he also thanked his collaborators from his team, who have helped him along the way.


“Bucharest calendar” Exhibition in the capital


Organized by the “Bucureștiul meu drag” Association, Store f64 and AME Design at the F64 shop from the capital, Tuseday 16 February 2016, the exhibition entitled “Bucharest Calendar 2016” was opened. The exhibits have been displayed in an original manner and were made up of the photographs belonging to the 49 members of the association. The pictures represented beloved places of the city. Adi Tache, Adrian Radu Constantinescu, Alexandru Dinu-Serban, Alexandru Iordan, Andreea Alionte, Andrei Birsan, Andrei Nichita, Andreia Birsan, Camelia Stan, Carmen Stefan Pelinel, Costin Popa, Costin Tocu, Cristi Moise, Dalina Andrei, Daniela Bitanoiu, Dragos Ticu, Eli Driu, Eliza Breajen, Florena Vlagea , Flori Jianu , Florin Stanca ,Gelu Coltau, Ionut Morarita, Irina Isăcescu, Iulia Patrut , Kiprian George,  Lavinia Visan, Liviu Lazar,  Lucia Simion,  Luciana Gingarasu,  Melania Dima, Miha Mandru, Mihaela Petre, Mihai Andries, Mihai Petre, Nick Costandache, Nicu Buculei, Ovidiu Raetchi , Paulina Selaru, Renate Storch,  Sabina Cernat , Serban Vornicu, Silviu Nastase, Simona Manolache, Sorin Panait ,Sorina Tache, Stefan-Emanuel Chirobocea, Tudor Alexandru Panait  and Viorel Pirjan have presented their works.  The exhibition was part of the 4th edition of the International :Carol Pop de Szathmari – Szathmari Pap Karoly” Photography Festival  - organized by the “Euro Foto Art” International Association, with the support of the Ministry of Culture. Due to technical reasons, the opening of the exhibition was delayed, but it will be available for visits until the end of February.

The closing festivity of the International

“Carol Pop de Szathmari - Szathmari Pap Károly” International Festival in Suceava

In front of a numerous public, on the 10th of February 2016, at 13:00, in a festive environment, hosted at the Bucovina Cultural Center, the closing festivity of te 4th edition of the International “Carol Pop de Szathmari – Szathmári Pap Károly” Photography Festival took place. The festival has been organized by the International “Euro Foto Art” Associaton, with the support of the Ministry of Culture. The public present at the event was greeted by Mrs. Gabriela Teișanu, artistic consultant at the Bucovina Cultural Center. She expressed her joy of having the opportunity of hosting such an event. Victor T. Rusu - photographer - head of contemporary art workshops of the Bucovina Cultural Center and the charicaturist Mihai Pânzaru PIM - artistic consultant at the same organization - have underlined in their speeches the important role played by the photographic art in the visual arts family. Ștefan Tóth AFIAP – president of the “Euro Foto Art” Association and director of the International Festival, expressed his joy for the success of Festival’s 4th edition. In it, 32 events took place, in Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine.  As a sign of gratitude for the collaboration, Victor T. Rusu gave the plaquette of the festival to the Bucovina Cultural Center. During the festivity, the “Dialogue...” International Photography Exhibition, made up of 100 black-white and color photographs made by Serbian, Moldavian, Romanian, Hungarian and Ukrainan photographers. At the end of the event, each participant received the color catalogue of the exhibition, printed by the “Euro Foto Art” Association, with the support of the Gura Humorului City Hall. The exhibition organized with the support of the Suceava County Council, will be open to the public until February 29th 2016, with free access.

International Salon presented at Carei


Sunday, February 7th 2016, in the exhibition halls from the ground floor of the “Károlyi” Castle in Carei, Satu Mare County, in front of a numerous public, the opening of the 15th edition of the International Hungarian Photographers from all over the world Salon took place. The public was greeted by Hágó Nándor, the preseident of the “Vasile Vénig László” photo club and representative of the MFVSZ - Hungarian photographers from accross the world union - made a point that this exhibition is part of the 4th edition of the International “Carol Pop de Szathmári - Szathmári Pap Károly” Photography Festival, organized by the International “Euro Foto Art” Association with support from the Ministry of Culture. With this occasion, a selection of 50 photographs have been exhibited, accepted and awarded at the International Salon, photographs made by artists from Transilvania. Bikfalvi Zsolt - vicepresident of the photo club from Carei and representative of MFVSZ - presented the context in which the 15th edition of the International Salon has been organized, which arrived in Carei, from where it was going to several cities in Slovakia and Romania. The musical moments were provided by folk musicians Gajda Dalma (in Hungarian) and Denisa Vasile (in Romanian). The International Exhibition is open to the public until February 22nd 2016.

“In Memoriam Vasile Vénig László” Photographic Exhibition in Aleșd


The 4th edition of the International Festival “Carol Pop de Szathmari - Szathmári Pap Károly”, organized by the “Euro Foto Art” association - under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, has offered the possibility of exhbitin in Aleșd an exceptional photographic collection. On the walls of the “Octavian Goga” Library Gallery, the creations of the late and famous photographer Vasile Venig Laszlo AFIAP from Carei, have been exhibited. The exhibition is made up of 48  30x45 cm black and white and color photographs, which convey great messages, all made along Vasile Venig László’s career. The opening of the exhibition took place with the presence of family members from Carei and Săcele, Brașov County, on a Saturday, February 6th, in front of a numerous public. At the event, members of the “Vasile Vénig László” photo club from Carei have been present, as well as from the “Tiszavirag” photo club from Szolnok (HU) and also Mr. Meszaros Odon, “Euro Foto Art” Association member from Budapest. Vasile Venig Laszlo was born on 11th March 1930 in Tășnad. During 1960-1993 he was an art professor in Carei. In 1972 he founded and became president of the “9 Mai” photo club in Carei, until 1993. After the photo club was closed, he became a member of the “Nufărul” photo Club in Oradea, untill his death. He was a member of the “Romanian Artist Photographes Association and had a distinction from the International Photographic Art Federation (FIAP). He participated with his works at national and international events, obtaining important medals and prizes. In 2012 he was given the title of “photographer of the year” by the Romanian Art Photographers Association. Along his career, he was invited to be part of numerous national and international photography judges boards. At this exhibition, the works that were presented were introduced by dr. Ramona Novicov – art critic – and Ștefan Toth AFIAP, who evoked the personality of the late photographer. The exhbition was officialy opened by Letai Zoltan, the vice mayor of Aleșd and member of the “Euro Foto Art” Association. With this occasion, the president of the association presented the wife of the late photographer, with the Lifetime Merit Golden Medal nr. 8 “Carol Pop de Szathmari – Szathmari Pap Karoly”, given post-mortem to Vasile Venig Laszlo AFIAP. During this event, the nephew of Venig Vasile and Mr. Hago Attila Nandor – president of the photo club from Carei - said a few words. At the end of the event, the president of the “Nufărul” Photo Club and the “Euro Foto Art” Association presented to Alexandra Ramona Vențel from Aleșd, the graduation certificate for the photographic art and technique course. The exhibition, organized by the Aleșd City Hall, will be available to the public for a month, during which access is free of charge.


Bálint Zsigmond AFIAP personal exhibition in Mureş


In the carnival period, more precisely, on the Hungarian Culture Day, on January the 22nd 2016, the Hall of the ”Mureșul” Artistic Ensemble of Târgu Mureș hosted the opening of the personal exhibition of the well-known local fine-art photographer Bálint Zsigmond AFIAP, in the presence of the author. The exhibition is part of the 4th edition of ”Carol Pop de Szathmári - Szathmári Pap Károly” International Photo Festival, organized by ”Euro Foto Art” Association, under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture and it included 40 black-and-white and colour photos. The exhibited photos were taken on the occasion of the carnivals of 1984, 1988, 1994 and 2010. The personal exhibition entitled „Carnival Customs of Chibed” was inaugurated in the framework of the same festival at the House of Culture of Oradea, in the presence of the author, on January the 29th 2016. The two personal exhibitions were opened by Barabás László PhD, ethnographer researcher.