Opening in Debrecen

In the presence of an audience held Tuesday, on the 29th of October, 2013, at 18:00 local time, at the House of Youth in Debrecen, the opening of third edition of Bihor - Hajdu Bihar artist photographers Exhibition. The event was attended by photographers from Nyíregyháza, Debrecen, Oradea, Margita and Beiuş. The exhibition presented to the public a selection of 60 black and white and color photographs largely the work of artist’s photographers from Bihor and winning photographs from the collection Hajdu Bihar. The audience was welcomed by the President of Debrecen Photo club photographer András Máthé, after that Mr. Zsolt Jantyik, Territorial Director of National Cultural Institute pointed the importance of cultural projects in the Euroregion "Bihor - Hajdu -Bihar". The manager of Youth Society Service Provision from Debrecen, Mr. Imre Csősz thanked for the opportunity offered to host this representative exhibition at this institution. In the end, photo-artist Stefan Toth AFIAP, president of the "Euro Photo Art" Association, the main organizer of the project photographers in the Euroregion thank to photo-artists for participation in this project and handed to Mr. Jantyik Zsolt, Territorial Director of National Cultural Institute, and a bilateral cultural cooperation plan between this two institutions in 2014. In the second part of this inauguration, photographer András Mathie, president of Debrecen Photo Club handed to winners from Bihor the awards of the exhibition.

Submissions of works of artist’s photographers from Bihor - Hajdú Bihar Euro region Third Edition were judged.

"Euro Photo Art" Association and "Water Lily" Photo Club from Oradea, in partnership with "Debrecen "Photo club from Debrecen, initiated under the patronage of Bihor County Council and the Municipality of Oradea, the third edition of the artists photographers Bihor - Hajdú Bihar Exhibition. The exhibition is presenting artistic creations of photographers living in Bihor - Hajdú Bihar. In the competition was sent 334 works by artist’s photographers from the Euro region or Photo Clubs members who are active in Bihor - Hajdu Bihar Euro region. It was sent 186 photos, Bihor County, black and white color made by the creators from Aleşd, Balc, Beiuş, Marghita, Oradea, Stei, Tăuteu and Valea lui Mihai. From Bihor county collection were recorded proceedings of "Water Lilli" Photo Club from Oradea, "Helios" Marghita, "Érmihályfalva" Valea Mihai and the "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea, with members from Budapest, Debrecen, Oradea and Los Angeles (USA). Hajdu Bihar photos sent for this contest 148 color and black and white images made by artists from cities: Beretttyóújfalu, Debrecen, Hajdúböszörmény, Marghita, Nyíradony, Nyíregyháza and Oradea collection neighboring counties were included members work Photoclub "Debrecen" of Debrecen, Marghita and some artists from the neighboring county. The international jury selected for exhibition a collection of 100 photographs (50-50). Collection from Hajdu - Bihar was judged by a jury from Oradea , consisting from artists photographers Constantin Dancoglu ( EFIAP / b ), Claudiu Szabó ( EFIAP) and Ştefan Tóth (AFIAP) and a collection of Bihar Debrecen jury consisting of artists István Kocsis photographer, István Tamus graphic designer and photographer András Máthé. In this context, the following prizes were awarded: First place I got the artwork of photographer Marius Ciobanu from Oradea ("Water Lily" Photo Club member) entitled "Fieldwork" and József Varga artwork photographer from Debrecen, entitled "Love lights”. Place II. Sándor Barcsai artist’s photographers returned from Balc (member of the "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea) to image entitled “Parallel Lights" and Matild Kovács from Nyíregyháza (member of the "Új Fotómühely" from Debrecen photos entitled "Lily gyöngyvirág". Place III. Was awarded artist Monica Butnaru from Oradea (Member of the "Water Lily" Photo Club) for photos entitled "Portrait 21"and the image from Nyíregyháza made by Matilda Kovács (Member of the "Új Fotómühely" from Debrecen entitled "Vis". Festive opening of the exhibition and awarding of prizes will take place in the presence of photographers artists from Bihor - Hajdú Bihar, on 18 October 2013 at 18:00 clock in "Euro Foto Art" Gallery from Oradea (Market 1 Decembrie  no. 12), respectively on October 29, 2013, 17:00 clock in Debrecen in Ifjúsági Ház ( Simonffy utca 21. )