The launch of the International Salon

“Villages of the European Union”

Wednesday, 29th October 2014, starting from 9 p.m., in the Studio room of the “Nufărul” Photo Club from Oradea, the digital presentation festivity of the accepted and award-winning photographs at the 9th edition of the International Salon of Romanian and Hungarian Photographers. The organizers, “Nufărul” Photo Club and “Euro Foto Art” Association received a number of 359 entries (140 black and white, 219 color), taken by Romanian and Hungarian photographers from England, Ireland, Serbia, Moldavia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. The theme for the Salon was “Villages of the European Union”. The organizing of the International Salon was made possible with financing from the Project development and implementation Committee. The jury was composed of famous European photographers: Marcello Materassi E.FIAP/p ESFIAP (Italy) – president of the jury, Georg S. Holzmann E.FIAP, Hon E.FIAP (Germany) and Ștefan Toth A.FIAP (Romania). They have selected a number of 98 images (34 black and white and 64 color) to be presented in the Salon. Given the high quality of the photographs, it has been decided to award two sets of “Carol Pop de Szathmári - Szathmári Pap Károly” medals for the two sections: black and white and color. The gold medal for the black and white section was given to Torday Ede EFIAPb and Ovi D. Pop from Romania. In the color section, Petrila Gheorghe EFIAP and Tordai Ede EFIAPb, both from Romania, were awarded medals. The silver medal was awarded to Gavaldik Zoltan from Hungary and to Fudulu Cătălin from Romania (in the black and white section) and to Rus Victor and Onofraş Ionel from Romania (in the color section).The bronze medal was awarted to Vasile Paladean (Ukraine) and Moldovan Mihail EFIAPs in the black and white section, while in the color section, Kovács Réka and Markus Adrian Sorin from Romania were the winners. The 12 medals were given to photographers from Serbia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. The special prizes offered by MAFOSZ (consisting of “Hungaricum 2014” photo albums) were given to Barcsa Sandor, Ciobotaru Ion, Dancoglu Constantin EFIAPb, Haragos Zoltán EFIAP and Magdó Ştefan, as well as to Mészáros Ödön from Hungary. During the festivity, the prizes of the Salon will be handed out and the CD catalogue will be presented. The catalogue was edited with the support of Project development and implementation Committee, by Nufărul Press Oradea.

Opening particularly Euro Photo Art Gallery


After the success enjoyed in Szeged and Cluj Napoca, the international exhibition "Cities of the European Union", made up of photos accepted and awarded to the eighth edition of the International Exhibition of Photographic Artists Romanian and Hungarian from Diaspora, organized in partnership with "Nufărul" photo-club was opened in Oradea. At the opening in 24 January 2014 11:00 was attended by a large number of photography lovers from Oradea and Resita. The guests of honor of the event were students from Ady Endre High School from Oradea. The audience present at the event was welcomed by photo-artist Stefan Tóth AFIAP, then art critic Dr. Ramona Novicov talked about the photos displayed. Mr. Lucian Silaghi, director of Bihor Culture County, exhibition appreciated the work of the Euro Photo Art Gallery, which is the result of an exceptional partnership existing between the Euro Photo Art Association and the Photo Club Nufărul from Oradea. Further, photo-artist Stefan Toth presented the AAFR awards and mentions to artist’s photographers from Oradea: Valentina Stan AFIAP, Adela Lia Rusu AFIAP, Réka Kovács, and Gheorghe Talpoş. Musical moments were provided by artists Presto Brass Oradea chamber groups consisting of: Abel Hora şi Martyin György (trumpet), Flórián László (horn), Fleisz Richárd si Szávuly Albert Károly (trombone) şi Bereczki Ervin (tuba) - leader of the band. The new exhibition will remain open for the visitors until February 3, on weekdays between the hours of 08:00 - 19:00 and entry is free.

International exhibition "Capitals of the European Union" to Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest

In the presence of a large photography lover of Budapest, held Friday, 18, January 2013, 18:00 first exhibition of international photography. The works were selected from photographs accepted and awarded at the seventh edition of the International Exhibition of Photographic Artists Abroad Romanian and Hungarian. Host vernissage was Mrs. Gabriela Matei director of the Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest The event was attended by Romanian Ambassador to Hungary, Victor Alexandru Micula and photoartis Stefan Tóth AFIAP President Photographic Club "Water Lily" and Association "Euro Photo Art" in Oradea . At the exhibition were present more artists photographers awarded in Slovakia (Zsolt Szalma), Romania (Constantin Demeter, Christian Filipescu, Gelu Stan and Valentina Stan) and Hungary (Ferenc Boromissza). The event was attended by two members of the Photographic Club "Water Lily" Ovidiu Pop and Gheorghe Talpoş, soles that its permanent assistent Zoltán Gardó.

International Exhibition Romanian and Hungarian Photographic Artists Worldwide

We thank all the photographer artists who participated with works in this edition of the salon. We ask apologies for the delay in judging works. We are pleased to notify that the jury accepted the seventh edition of the International Exhibition of Romanian and Hungarian Artist Photographers. Worldwide of 99 images under the Annex. International Exhibition of works accepted, based on accumulated scores were awarded as listed in the Annex. Congratulations to all artists, photographers, who has works accepted in the salon and especially those who have received awards and endorsements. Openings seventh edition of the International Exhibition of Romanian and Hungarian Artists Photographers Worldwide, organized under the patronage of President Traian Băsescu and President of Hungary János Áder will take place during the following hours and we invite you to honor all photographic art lovers yo participate:

- Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest, St. Izsó no. 5 (18 January, 2013, 18:00),
               - Hungarian Cultural Centre - Bucharest Street Orlando no. 8 (22 January, 2013, 18:00),
               - "Euro Foto Art" Gallery Oradea, Square December 1 No. 12 (25 January, 2013, 11:00),

- "Stars" Gallery Cluj Napoca, Mihai Kogălniceanu Street no. 13-15 (31January, 2013, 18:00)