The opening of the „Pitoresque Bihor” – National Photo Salon


According to the protocol signed between the Euro Foto Art Association from Oradea and County Center for the Conservation and Promovation of the Traditional Cultures Bihor allowed us to organize first time in our Bihor county, the National Photo Salon „Pitoresque Bihor”. For this Salon we have received 261 works, 101 images monochrom & 160 images colour from the following countries: Slovakia, Serbia, Romania, Ucraine & Hungary. The jury was: Ms. Ramona Novicov dr., Art Critic, Mr.Stefan Tóth A.FIAP, Photo Artists and Mr. Radu Matei, director of the CJCPCT Bihor.The jury accepted 101 images black & white and colour and they decided the winners of this Salon. The opening ceremony of the Salon and the prize presentation was held Wednesday, 10th of October 2012, 18 o’clock at the Euro Foto Art Gallery, in front of a numerous public and the jury. At the opening ceremony were hold speaches by Mr.Tóth Stefan A.FIAP, president of the Euro Foto art Association, Ms. Ramona Novikov Dr. Art Critic, Mr. Radu Matei, director of the CJCPCT Bihor and Mrs. Biro Rozalia ,councelor. The musical moments was made by Cvartet „Varadinum” from Oradea.This salon organized under the patronage of AAFR could be seen till 1st of November 2012. The entry of the public was free of charge.