"Premfoto" International Salon judging results

Recently was completed the judging for submissions for of eleventh edition of the " Premfoto " International Exhibition 2013 organized by the "Water lily" Photo Club in partnership with "Euro Photo Art" Association under the patronage of Bihor County Council from Oradea. For this edition the organizers received 628 pictures from Bangladesh, China, Germany, Ireland, Serbia, Spain, Moldova, Romania and Hungary. International jury was composed of reputed photographers from three continents : Marcello Materassi EFIAP / p , ESFIAP ( Italy) President of the Jury, Georg S.Holzamnn EFIAP, HonEFIAP (Germany), Catalin Anastase (Australia ), Paul Bock (USA) and Constantin Dancoglu EFIAP -b ( Romania ), were selected 98 black and white photographs and color in the four sections. From the accepted photos were awarded a total of 32 images. The two crystal trophies were awarded in the section Experiment, artist photographer Ede Tordai EFIAP from Targu Mures. In the "Street photography" section two crystal trophies "Premfoto" were awarded to photographers Bogdan Cristel from Bucharest and Ovi D. Pop from Oradea and at the section ”Portrait” two trophies goes to photographers Deva Roibu Grigore from Deva, respectively Lia Adela Rusu AFIAP from Oradea. The two crystal trophies were awarded in the Essay section to photographer Alexandra Fira from Craiova and Adela Lia Rusu AFIAP from Oradea. The 24 plaques "Premfoto" were for artist`s photographers from Bangladesh, Spain, Romania and Hungary. The exhibition and awards handing of the  "Premfoto " International Exhibition 2013 will be held Friday, on December 20th , 2013 , at 18:00 in the Gallery "Euro Photo Art" from Oradea (Market Place December 1 no. 12) , the organizers invites all photography enthusiasts to participate. Will be launched at the opening of the International Exhibition the catalog CD produced in the Project Cultural Bihor County Council funded by Development and Implementation Projects. The last exhibition held this year will remain available to the public until January 12, 2014, on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., entry fee is free. It should be noted that this year the "Euro Photo Art" Gallery were inaugurated a record of 21 photo exhibition from Bangladesh, Russian Federation, Serbia, Romania and Hungary and the only salon in Europe, entitled " EuroFotoArt", organized by the "Euro Photo Art" Association in partnership with the European Commission Representation in Romania and the European Parliament Information Office, under the Ministry of Culture.

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The launch of "Premfoto" 2013 World Salon

Recently was released the World Salon Rules "Premfoto" found at its eleventh edition, which includes a number of updates from previous releases. Organizers of the International Salon are: "Water Lily" Photographic Club and the "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea, considering that "Premfoto" along a decade has become a brand recognized by many photographers around the world have redesigned the regulation in the interest of promoting in the future and higher level and quality of the artistic works accepted and awarded. Therefore, the organizers hope that the works accepted and awarded will emerge from the classic template style promoted on similar events organized under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) and the Photographic Society of America (PSA). For this reason, the organizers gave up the patronage of FIAP and PSA, this being replaced by the patronage of the Ministry of Culture from Romania and the Municipality County Council from Oradea. In this context organizers can benefit from more opportunities, such as judging through the internet (which is prohibited by FIAP and PSA), allowed as to inviting branded photo artists from different locations of the world such as the Cătălin Anastase from Australia, Paul Bock from USA or Materassi Marcello EFIAP / p, ESFIAP from Italy or Georg S.Holzmann EFIAP, Hon EFIAP from Germany, which no longer have to travel at the Photo Club "Water Lily" headquarter. In the jury is designatedfromthe organizer photo-artistConstantin Dancoglu EFIAP/ b Oradea. Another innovation is the substitution of usual FIAP medals and mentions with “Premfoto” crystal trophies and “Premfoto” plaques with a special design, which will be engraved the names of the authors and the title work awarded at this World Salon of. The organizers of the World Salon hope that through the four sections established to provide for the artists photographers and especially for the younger generation to create new opportunities for affirmation in some sections less agreed by the international salons such as photography experiment or street. The World Salon Organizer manager, photo-artist Stefan Tóth AFIAP wish them all artists photographers who have the intention to participate with their work at the eleventh edition of the Salon, success in preparing the work.

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International Exhibition opening "Premfoto" in Oradea

"Euro Photo Art"  Gallery gave the Oradea in 2012, a total of 17 national and international exhibitions of photography, where public access was free. Friday 14 December 2012, 18:00, took place last event of this year's exhibition, the Gallery known Oradea, or opening and handing International Salon of Photographic Art "Premfoto", now in its tenth edition. For the jubilee edition, the organizers salon: Photographic Club " Water Lily " Oradea , Association "Euro Foto Art" in Oradea County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Bihor received over 1.000 black and white and color images from many European countries and Asia. The international jury has chosen / accepted 156 black and white and color images, which were selected and presented to the visitors, a total of 101 photos. The best results in this edition, won photographer Tien Ho Anh from Vietnam, which have been accepted all work submitted, having been granted: FIAP gold medals at two competition categories (black and color) and silver medal AAFR. Among the artists photographers from Romania, best results obtained photographer Ede Tordai EFIAP (Târgu Mureş) and Ion Mărculescu in Târgovişte i (FIAP silver medal), Mátyás Dezső AFIAP from Gheorgheni (FIAP bronze medal). AAFR Silver Medal was awarded Oradea photographer artist Gabriel Bistriceanu and bronze medal AAFR, went László Dezső artist photographer EFIAP of Gheorgheni. Of Bihor photographer, it was also noted photographer Sándor Barcsa in Balc, who got word AAFR. The list of accepted papers at the International, were more artists photographers in Bihor County. Headed, photographer Valentina Stan is within photoclub "Water Lily" in Oradea, followed by Gheorge Petrila AFIAP artists and photographers Adela Lia Rusu, with 2 photos accepted. Each work, artists photographers Juliana Antal (Photoclub "Helios" Marghita) and Constantin Dancoglu EFIAP / b, Cristian Remus Cacuci, Stan, Ovidiu Dumitru Pop and Vasile Vénig AFIAP within photoclub " Water Lily " in Oradea. Opening and prize awarding ceremony was held Friday, 14 December 2012, 18:00 in "Euro Photo Art" Gallery in Oradea, Square Dec. 1 no. 12. At the opening were: Dr. Ramona Novikov, art critic, artist photographer Mircea Maier (honorary director of the International Salon), Tíbor Nagy (member of organizing committee of the first edition) and Ştefan Tóth AFIAP (CFNO and Association President "Euro Photo Art "Oradea). Musical moments were offered the public at the last event of the year by artists: Alexandrina and Florian Chelu. International Salon of Photographic Art Works "Premfoto" organized under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art and Artists Photographers Association in Romania, will remain available to the visitors until 10 January 2013.