Personal exhibitions of the photographer artist

Stefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP

in Romania and Hungary


XI edition. The International Festival "Carol Pop de Szathmári - Szathmári Pap Károly" organized by the International Association "Euro Photo Art" (AIEFA) under the auspices of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), recognized by UNESCO, with the support of Summit Agro Romania, - launched on on January 15, 2023, within the framework of the National Culture Day, - offers the possibility of organizing representative exhibitions of photographic art in several cities of Romania and across the country's borders. In this context, in the gallery of the "Békés" County Library in Bichișciaba (HU) it will be opened on Friday, January 20, 2023, 11:00 a.m. in the presence of the author, the jubilee exhibition of Oradean photographer artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, entitled Momente surprinse*. The exhibition was opened for the first time on August 8, 2021 in the "Zion" Synagogue in Oradea, on the occasion of the anniversary of 70 years of life and 50 years of artistic activity, which became popular and presented in several cities in Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. In this context, the exhibition has been opened until now in: Berettyóújfalu, Budapest, Giula (HU), Bucharest and Carei (RO), respectively Ujhorod (UA). On this occasion, the jubilee album made with the support of Summit Agro Romania will also be presented, which can also be browsed digitally: / Also on Friday, at 18:00, a new personal exhibition of the artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP entitled Kölcsey's Life Path will be opened in the "Ștefan Vilidár István" Gallery in the Prince's Palace of the Oradea Medieval Citadel (Body C). The exhibition is organized by AIEFA in partnership with the "Nadány Zoltán" House of Culture from Berettyóújfalu (HU) and APTOR with the support of Summit Agro Romania and includes 50 black and white photographs taken of the localities that defined the personality of the Hungarian poet, literary critic and politician Kölcsey Ferenc. During the exhibition, Fórián Andrea was also invited to exhibit, who presents 4 photographs alongside the well-known artist photographer from Oradea. The head of the House of Culture in Berettyóújfalu Mrs. Lisztes Éva will participate in the event and speak. The exhibited works can also be admired on the AIEFA website: At both openings the representatives of the "Duo Sole Fide" Group from Oradea will support appropriate programs. Viola artist Thurzó Sándor József, will perform several pieces from the Hungarian repertoire and Fórián Andrea, will recite several creations of Hungarian poets. In continuation of the events dedicated to the Day of Hungarian Culture, on Sunday two personal exhibitions of the artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP,ESFIAP will be opened at the same time, at 15:00. The first exhibition entitled The Message from Seuca*** will be opened at the Reformed Church in Seuca, the birthplace of Kölcsey Ferenc, and includes 20 large photographs taken in 2022 and first opened at Casa Partium in Debrețin (HU) in last. Since the author of the exhibition will not be able to participate in the event, the message of the well-known photographer from Oradea will be read during the opening. The exhibited works can be admired at: