Charity photo art exhibition from Ukraine.

In continuation of the annual exhibition project, the ”Ștefan Vilidár István” Gallery, EFA Oradea Exhibition Center - Romania within the Princely Palace of the Oradea Medieval Citadel (Building C, 1st floor) managed by the ”Nufărul” Photographic Club Oradea (CFNO) will host from from October 14, 2022 a charity photographic art exhibition from Transcarpathia (UA), organized by the "Euro Photo Art" International Association (AIEFA). The charity exhibition of the artist photographer Dorina Dobán is organized in partnership with the Association for the Promotion of Tourism in Oradea and the Surroundings (APTOR) with the support of Summi Agro Romania and is made up of 50 black and white and color photos with varied themes. The visiting public will be able to discover among the exhibits several genres of photographic art: landscape (many of them photographed in Uzhhorod and in the famous international mountain resort Bukovel, essays, stereophoto, still life and religious. All exhibits can be viewed on the AIEFA website : Dobán Dorina was drawn to photography after some images taken of her sister Vivien. During the pandemic the year last year he graduated from the Online Course of Photographic Art and Technique organized by AIEFA in partnership with the Carpathian Basin Institute based in Seghedin (HU) under the direction of photographer artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP. After graduating from the course he participated in a series of international photographic projects, including at the opening of the jubilee exhibition of the anniversary exhibition entitled "Captured moments" of the photographer from Oradea, organized at the FIAP Ujhor Exhibition Center od - Ukraine from the Medieval Fortress of Ujhorod on October 01, 2021. He is currently a member of the Carpathian Basin Hungarian Photographers Society based in Szeged, Hungary (Kárpát-medencei Magyar Fotográfiai Társaság).”My favorite subject is nature, but I also enjoy photographing other artistically motivating subjects. I'm happy when I can discover a series of details during photography, which ordinary people don't notice" claims the exhibiting photographer artist. By organizing this exhibition, the photographer artist Dobán Dorina, also having the quality of a reformed priest in the Reformed Congregation of Pallo (Palló), Botfalva (Botfalva) and Batfa (Bátfa). he wants to help the needy and the three localities where he serves. "Many old people from the three localities ended up in difficult situations because of the ongoing war in Ukraine. Through the charity action organized with the support of the International Association "Euro Foto Art" Oradea (RO) and the Society of Hungarian Photographers from the Carpathian Basin (Kárpát-medencei Magyar Fotográfiai Társaság) based in Seghedin (HU) we aimed to collect donations consisting of clothes fat, non-perishable food and sums of money to help the desperate elderly, who often cannot even buy the medicine needed for their treatment. I want to reward the gestures of the members of the Society of Hungarian Photographers from the Carpathian Basin and those from Oradea, respectively any well-wisher who will make donations with a gift of the soul" consisting of my photographs exhibited in Oradea" states the reformed priest Dobán Dorina. The opening of the personal charity exhibition will take place at the ”Ștefan Vilidár István” Gallery, EFA Exhibition Center Oradea - Romania within the Princely Palace of the Oradea Medieval Citadel (Building C, 1st floor) managed by the ”Nufărul” Photographic Club Oradea (CFNO), Friday, October 14, 2022, at 6:00 p.m., to which every photography lover is invited to participate. The event will be broadcast online from the Facebook platform of the Association: The public present physically as well as on the online platform will be greeted by the curator of the exhibition, the photographer artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP, the president of AIEFA and CFNO. The musical moments of the opening will be supported by the representative of the "Duo Sole Fide" Group, the artist Thurzó Sándor József, who will perform several pieces from the Ukrainian and Hungarian repertoire on the viola, and the president of the Group, Fórián Andrea, will recite three Hungarian poems by poets from Transcarpathia . All exhibits will be able to be viewed on the screens of modern means of transport in our municipality, thanks to the protocol signed with AIEFA and OTL Bihor. The new exhibition will remain available to the visiting public in the "Ștefan Vilidár István" Gallery until October 27, 2022, daily between 08:00 and 20:00, to which public access is free. Donations in objects can be handed over on the occasion of the opening or can be completed by calling the artist photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP: 0741/ 212111. And those in money can be deposited in the bank account of Doban graduate Vivien (sister of the reformed priest) number HU17 1177 3425 0609 8863 0000 0000, (SWIFT/ BIC code: OTPVHUHB)