Photo exhibition entitled

"The Feast at Hortobágy" (HU).


The "Euro Photo Art" International Association (AIEFA) prepared in partnership with the "Nufărul" Photographic Club from Oradea and the Association for the Promotion of Tourism from Oradea and Surroundings (APTOR), with the support of Summi Agro Romania, a new exhibition of photographic art. The personal exhibition of the artist photographer Csíki János, entitled "Holiday at Hortobágy" (HU) includes 50 unique photographs, recently taken in this wonderful region of Hungary. All exhibits can be viewed on the AIEFA website: Every year on October 22, it takes place in The market square in Hortobágy (HU) on Saint Dömötör's Day, a big folk festival dedicated to sheep herding. As the cold days approach, when the days get shorter, in Hortobágy, following the traditions of old folk customs, both sheep and cattle prepare for winter, the animals are driven from the pastures of Hortobágy to their winter stables. Tradition claims that the animal "brought the snow home on its back", meaning that they could no longer find enough food in the pastures. This tradition is closely related to St. Catherine's and Michael's Day, when the cattle and St. Dömötör's Day, respectively, the sheep are handed over to the stables for wintering. Also related to this day is the tradition of "paying" the shepherds for their work. Dömötör's Day Feast - who was also the patron saint of shepherds - The "Dömötör" feast has always been considered a great traditional event among shepherds, for which they had prepared for a long time, in the csárda, or the so-called shepherd's house -they entertained for several days, holding a ball dedicated to the shepherds. Csíki János is a graduate of the Technical and Photographic Art Course organized by AIEFA in 2019, respectively of the international online course of photographic technique and art organized in partnership with the Carpathian Basin Institute in Szeged (HU) in 2021. His works have successfully participated in the international exhibition "People and landscapes from Romania and Japan", which was opened on October 5, 2022 in Tokyo, respectively at the VII edition of the Exhibition of Bihoreni photojournalists, which was opened after Oradea and at the "Partium" House in Debrețin (HU). At both international competitions, the international juries awarded them two plaques "Carol Pop by "Szathmári - Szathmári Pap Károly". This year, the personal exhibition titled "Eifert János's Moments" was opened, and on September 29, 2022, he participated with his works made in the summer of this year in Italy, in the group exhibition entitled "Ciao Italy", also opened in this Gallery. He is currently a creative member of AIEFA and the Society of Hungarian Photographers from the Carpathian Basin, based in Seghedin (HU). The opening of the personal exhibition will take place at the ”Ștefan Vilidár István” Gallery, EFA Exhibition Center Oradea - Romania within the Princely Palace of the Oradea Medieval Citadel (Building C, 1st floor) managed by the ”Nufărul” Photographic Club Oradea (CFNO), Friday 11 November 2022, at 18:00, to which every photography lover is invited to participate. The event will be broadcast online from the Facebook platform of the Association: The public present physically as well as on the online platform will be greeted by the curator of the exhibition, the photographer artist Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP, ESFIAP, the president of AIEFA and CFNO. The musical moments of the opening will be supported by the representative of the "Duo Sole Fide" Group, the artist Thurzó Sándor József, who will perform the songs: "Popular Melody", no. 17 by Lavotta János, "Menuett and Musette" by Charotte Hampe and "Religious Song" (Szép vagy Isten édesanyja) by Bihari Sándor, and the president of the Group, Fórián Andrea will recite two Hungarian poems inspired by the great celebration of Hortobágy. All exhibits will be able to be viewed on the screens of modern means of transport in our municipality, thanks to the protocol signed with AIEFA and OTL Bihor. The new exhibition will remain available to the visiting public in the "Ștefan Vilidár István" Gallery until November 24, 2022, daily between 08:00 and 20:00, to which public access is free.