It took place on Friday, the 23rd of February 2018, at 18.00 hours in front of a large number of visitors. The host of the event was Stefan Tóth AFIAP, the founder and the president of the Nufarul photographic club (CNFO), for 42 years now. The beginning moments were dedicated to the loving memory of  Constantin Dancoglu EFIAPb, who passed away in the spring of 2017. After that, dr. Ramona Novicov, art critic, appreciated the 105 exposed images taken by the 15 members of the club. Christian Filipescu, the new counselor of the club spoke highly of Constantin Demeter and Gheorghe Petrila EFIAP for becoming honourable members. At the closing of the event, the president offered the honourable member diplomas and the excellence trophies to: Nicoleta Gabor, Ovidiu Gabor, Ovi. D. Pop EFIAP and Gelu Vrabie for their appreciable results in the last year. The musical moments were offered by the students of the Art Highschool, presented by Gabriela Nagy, the principal of the institution: Ferencz István, violin (3rd grade), Kozák Dávid şi Ioan Marian, violin (7th grade) and Pálfi Boróka, flute (8th grade) in the accompany of Ferencz Mercedesz, piano teacher.


International humorous photography exhibition in Oradea


It is a known fact that April 1st is also known as April Fools’ Day. Sending our friends to a fake meeting or other similar jokes have been a common practice in most European countries dating back to the 16th Century. We have tied our newest international exhibition about humorous photography to this day. The exhibition was opened in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery” in Oradea in the last day of March. Over 100 color or black and white photographs, taken by members of the 33 partner organizations of “Euro Foto Art” International Association from Europe and Asia have been put up on display. Members of the Photojournalists’ Club Bihor have also displayed their works in this exhibition. The club functions as part of the International Association. Works taken by the following artists have been put up on display: Aelenei Robert (ES), Baoku Xu (CN), Bikfalvi Zsolt (RO), Bock Paul (SUA), Borbély Johanna (A), Bozsoki Adrienn (RO), Egyed Ufó Zoltán (RO), Farkas Alexandra (RO), Filipescu Christian (RO), Fülöp Csaba (RO), Georgescu Dragoș (RO), Hayase Kisera(JP), Hágó Attila (RO), Holocsi Kálmán (HU), Kajtár Tibor (HU), Koizumi Masaaki (JP), Lepădatu Paul (RO), Lázár Eszter (IRL), +Marcello Materassi EFIAPg/ HonEFIAP (I), Marcovici Sebastian (RO), Marton Monica (RO), Mărculescu Ion (RO), Mészáros Ödön Budapesta (HU), Munteanu Cosmina (RO), Nick Orlov (UA), Oláh Tibor (HU), Paladean Vasile(UA), Pap István (RO), Petrila Gheorghe EFIAP (RO), Plájás István AFIAP (RO), Pop D. Ovi  (RO), Selegean Ovidiu (RO), Shenghua Yang (CN), Shihu Qian (CN), Simay Zsolt (RO), Stoica Marian (RO), Su Yang (CN), Süli István (HU), Szeghalmi Örs (RO), Szilagyi Lorand (RO), Takahahsi Kazuhiro (JP),  Tazaki Ryuichi (JP), Talpoș Gheorghe (RO), Toderici Remus (RO), Toma Andrei (MD), Tordai Ede EFIAPb (RO), Tóth Magdalena (RO), Tóth Ștefan AFIAP (RO), Tóth Tamás (GB), +Vasile Vénig AFIAP (RO), Vitaliy Podgurchenko AFIAP (RUSS), Wan Yi (CN), Zegheru Ion (RO) and Qingmo Peng (CN). The public could see in the international exhibition a series of images that capture fun moments, masterfully shot by the exhibiting artists. A part of the photographs were taken during other exhibits held at the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery. The organizers of the exhibition did not forget about the masters of European humorous photography, that were also represented in this exhibition with some exceptional works. The late photographer Vasile Vénig AFIAP, from Carei, former member of the “Nufărul” Photographic Club, is remembered with two photographs that follow an original idea, where one can see his creativity and sense of humor. The photograph, entitled “Instead of an obituary” shows the fate of a rooster who got to be fried on a nickel-plated tray. An original self portrait of the artist show him holding the camera and a bottle of spirits with the same hand, proves what originality can mean in photography. The late photographer Marcello MAterassi EFIAPs from Italy - honorary member of the “Euro Foto Art” International Association shows us a friendship relation that formed between a chicken and its master. The opening of the exhibition took place in front of a great crowd from our city and not only, on Friday, March 31st at 18:00 in the Euro Foto Art Gallery. The public present was greeted by Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the Association. The photographs have been presented by Dr. Ramona Novicov, art critic. The musical moments have been provided by Alexandrina and Florin Chelu. The exhibition has been organized with support from the Oradea City Hall, Gheorghe Șincai County Library and the Nufărul photographic club of Oradea. It can be visited until April 20th 2017, between 8:00 and 19:00. Access is free.


Special Photographic exhibition from Cegled (HU)


The “Euro Foto Art” Gallery in Oradea is hosting, starting with June 15 2016, a valuable photographic exhibition from Hungary. This time, on the walls of the gallery, a total of 45 large photographs are put up for display, all taken by Apáti Tóth Sándor from Cegléd (HU). The artist was born on August 8 1948, in the city he currently resides in. He grew up among photographers and photography and he started taking his own pictures at the age of six. He begun participating with his works at the age of 13 in his first national photography salon. At the age of maturity, his photographs were exhibited in galleries in Tokyo, Brussels, Paris, Bordeaux or London. He is the founder of the Young Photographers’ Studio and is a member of the Hungarian Art Photographers’ Association as well as the National Union of Hungarian Artists. (Magyar Alkotóművészek Országos Egyesülete). With his works, he has organized until today over 60 exhibitions and over 10.000 of his creations were published by differend printing houses. Since he was 20, he has been a freelance photographer. During 1991-1995, he has been the coordinator of the Cegled television station. Today, together with his son, he owns and operates a private publishing house. About the successful exhibition presented in January 2015 at the headquarters of the Architecture Center in Budapest (FUGA), the artist stated the following: “ I began my career as photographer with great and hones beliefs. I saw dumb attitudes and anger from people across the world, which I wanted to change. I have not given up on my ideas, but in the latter stages of my road, I had to be thankful with the opportunity of presenting my works to the public, and in doing so – I give them the chance to know my struggles – Atlantis has succumbed to a world of stories and treasures. Away from life on Earth, my memories from “the dive” irresistibly find a way out of me and are transformed into a cycle. These images do not want to change anybody, only to leave a positive mark. In the best case, there will be a bit of sadness, which leaves a small amount of pain in us, because each of us will have to leave… Atlantis. In the opinion of the literature critic Szilagyi Marton, the photographs of Apati Toth Sandor are pursuing something that crosses the border of photographic art. The stake of this experiment is transforming an invisible world, with the help of a make-believe visual spectacle. The opening of the exhibition took place Wednesday, June 15 2016, with the participation of the artist, his wife and a great public, in the Euro Foto Art Gallery. His works were presented by Ramona Novicov - art critic- and personal impressions were presented by Szűcs László - publicist from Oradea. The exhibition was opened by Ștefan Tóth AFIAP - president of the “Euro Foto Art” Association. Musical moments were provided by Thurzó Sándor József (viola) and Adiadna Mircescu. The exhibition, organized in partnership with the Oradea City Hall and the County Library, with support from the Bihor County Council, will be available to the public until June 29. Access is free.

The personal exhibition of Domokos Maria from Budapest (HU)


The curators of the „Euro Foto Art” Gallery have prepared a news exhibit for their visitors. This time, on the walls of the well-known gallery, black and white, as well as color photographs have been set up, all made by Domokos Maria (Domokos Miklósné Gombosi Mária) from Budapest (HU). The exhibition is made up of 100 photographs of 30x40 cm dimensions, all made on film. The photographers is a 70 years ofl mathemathician, married, the mother of two children and grandmother of 7 grandchildren. She has been taking photos for 50 years. She is currently at her 6th important exhibition:  “Saint István ” Museum fromSzékesfehérvár (1998), “Pázmány Péter” University from Piliscsaba (1998), Hungarian Academy in Rome (2000), “Németh László” Library Hódmezővásárhely (2001), Hungarian Institute in Paris (2002), “Szabó Ervin” Library in Budapest (2011). For this exhibition, the selection was made from her 20.000 negatives that she took in all these years. Her favorite themes are Budapest, Prague, Rome and Hódmezővásárhely. “I have constantly struggled to show the local specific atmosphere in my photos”, declares the artist. The opening of the exhibition took place on the 25th of March 2016, at 18:00, in front of an intimate audience. The exhibited works have been presented by the photographer Ștefan Toth AFIAP – president of the Euro Foto Art Association, and Szűcs László - director of the “Várad” magazine. The musical moments have been provided by Thúrzó Sándor József, who interpreted a few well known compositions by Hungarian composers. This new exhibit is organized in partnership with the “Gheorghe Șincai” County Library from Oradea, with the support of the Bihor County Council and is open to the public until April 8th 2016, between 8 am and 7 pm, while access is free.

The international exhibition of women photographers in Oradea


The leadership of the “Euro Foto Art” Association – regional member in the International Photographic Art Federation (FIAP) – has decided to organize yearly an international exhibition of women photographers, with the theme “ the woman”. For this year’s exhibition, women photographers from parner associations of the “Euro Foto Art”  have been invited to take part (the Czech Republic, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Hungary and Ukraine) as well as from Asia (Japan and China). The 100 black-white and color photographs have been taken by 42 participants: Alfereva Alice (RUS), Alfereva Ekaterina (RUS), Belash Anna (RUS), Benyovszki Tünde (RO), Bogina Natalia (RUS),  CHIGIRA Keiko (JP), Chlumecká Sona (CZ), Borbély Johanna Eszter (RO), Cinteza Eliza (RO), Demetrescu Elena (RO), Derek Sporano Adriana (HR), Dobos Bella Noémi (RO),   Driu Eli (RO), Farkas Alexandra (RO), Filipovici Mariana (HR), Gál Márta  Emese (RO),Gingăraşu Luciana (RO), Hayase  Kisera (JP), Iancu Daniela (RO), Jukova Olga (RUS), Kabanova Maria (RUS), Kerestély Tünde (RO),  Kertész Katalin (RO), Koshtura Karolina (UA), Kovács Matild (HU), Krivozubova Daria (RUS), Kopják Angelika (SK), Mei Lin (CN),  Morvay Szabó Edina (RO), Milic Ivana (HR), Moş Andreea (RO), Mihaela Cotiga (RO), Nadezhda Kaliskina (RUS), Onaca Karolina Ewa (PL),Orbán Enikő (RO),  Rădulescu Mirela (RO), Rusu Adela Lia AFIAP (RO), Sella Krisztina (RO), Shtefan Lyuba (UA), Újfalvi Annamária  (HU), Valkai Réka (HR),  Virágh Mária (SK) şi Vitos Hajnal (RO). From Romania, photographers from Bucharest, Carei, Slatina, Oradea, Târgoviște, Târgu Mureș are present. The exhibited works show various approaches towards the theme. In this context, the visiting public will be able to discover among the exhibts a series of portrait made in different European countries, as well as from Japan and China. The opening of the exhibition will be a part of the manifestations dedicated to the International Womens’ Day – 8th March 2016, at 18:00. At this event, prof. Ligia Mirișan – director of the “Gheorghe Șincai” Library in Oradea – has congratulated the president of the “Euro Foto Art” Association for the great innitiative he had in the field of photographic art and has appreciated the great value of the exhibits. The actress Kiss Törék Ildikó praied the way in which the photographs capture the faces of young women, mothers and grandmothers, which are celebrated accross the world on the 8th of March. The exhibits were presented by Ștefan Toth AFIAP - president of the “Euro Foto Art” Association  -  handed out flower bouquets to the guests of honor. The musical moments have been provided by Thurzó Sándor József, who has interpreted „ Baroque dances for solo viola” by Charlotte Hampe, from the „Romanian folk Dances” Suite – the composition „Din dramboaie” adapted for solo viola by the interpret. Ariadna and Gerogiana – bassoon players, have played compositions from the refferece reperoire of women composers from accross the world. The new exhibit is organized with the support of the Bihor County Council, in partnership with the Gheorghe Șincai County Library from Oradea. It ca be visited until March 24 2016, between 8 and 19 in the afternoon. Entrance is free.


The anual exibition of the “Euro Foto Art” Members Exhibition


It has become a tradition that in each new year, during the “Carol Pop de Szathmari - Szathmari Pap Karoly” festival, organized by the “Euro Foto Art” Association with the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, the members of this organization present, in an exhibition, their best creations from the previous year. The exhibition, made up of 105 black and white and color photographs have been put up on display in the well-known Oradea-based gallery. The photographs have been made by 31 photographers from various European countries: Ireland, Spain, Moldavian Republoc, Romania, Hungary, as well as the USA. From Romania, members of the association from Bucharest, Iași, Odorheiu Secuiesc, Oradea, Reșița, Mediaș, Târgoviște and Târgu Mureș presented their work. They are: Aelenei Robert (ES), Ágoston Zsolt (RO), Balla Árpád Zoltán (RO), Benyovszki Tünde (RO), Bock Paul (USA), Cacuci Ionel Bogdan (RO), Dudás László (RO), Erbsz Tibor (RO), Egri Francisc (RO), Gabor Ovidiu (RO), Gavaldik Zoltán (HU), Holocsi Kálmán (HU), Johanna Eszter (RO), Kajtár Tibor (HU), Kardos Tamás (HU), Lázár Eszter Emese (IRL), Markus Adrian (RO), Marton Monica (RO), Mészáros Ödön (HU), Morvay Szabó Edina (RO), Oláh Tibor (HU), Mocanu Dorin (RO), Moş Andreea (RO), Muntean Cosmina (RO), Oros Claudiu (RO), Păunaş Nicoleta (RO), Ovi D. Pop AFIAP (RO), Toma Andrei (MD), Tordai Ede EFIAPb (RO), Stanciu Gabriel AFIAP (RO), Tudosescu Gabriel AFIAP (RO). The public will be able to discover among the exhibited photos, various types of photography such as: potraits, essays, social photography, landscapes, nudes, architectural and sport photography. The opening of the exhibition took place in front of a numerous public, on the 5th of February 2016, on a Friday, at 18:00. Members of the association from Budapest (HU), Debrecen (HU), Odorheiu Secuiesc, Oradea and Szolnok (HU) were also present. The photographs have been presented by Ștefan Toth AFIAP, the president of the Association, as well as the director of the International Festival. He presented his colleague, Balla Arpad Zoltan from Odorheiu Secuiesc, the prize he won at the International Salon for Romanian and Hungarian Photographers from all over the world. The actress Kiss Torek Ildiko said a few words about the photographers and the quality of their exhibited work. Ovi D. Pop AFIAP, the director of the patronage department also appreciated the various activities undertaken by the International Association. The musical moments have been provided by the “Stadler” Clarinet Cvartet meber, from Oradea, led by Istvan Szekely. At the end of the event, a part of the photographers participated at a festive meal at the Nevis Restaurant in Oradea. The exhibition, organized in partnership with the ”Gheorghe Șincai” Library, under the patronage of the Bihor County Council, will be available to the public until February 18 2016, between 8:00 - 19:00, with free access.


Opening of the exhibition

"Euro Foto Art Partner`s"


The board of ”Euro Foto Art” International Association, the unique regional member of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) in the world, decided that the last exhibition organized every year in the ”Euro Foto Art” Gallery should consist of the works coming from its 31 partner organizations from Europe and Asia. The invitation was accepted by 30 partner organizations from the two continents. Each organization was invited to send a representative collection comprising 10 images. The selection of the 300 works was made online by a jury composed of University Professor PhD Ramona Novicov, art critic, University Professor PhD Radu Igazság, and the fine-art photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, who received the images bearing codes, that is, without knowing the names of the authors. The scores allowed the selection of 103 black-and-white and colour photos. The highest score (30 points) was obtained by one black-and-white photo, entitled “The Latecomers”, taken by the fine-art photographer Nicoleta Gabor from the “Nufărul” PhotoClub of Oradea (Romania). The second place was taken by the images belonging to the fine-art photographers Labancz István, the ”Experiment” PhotoClub of Miercurea Ciuc (Romania), Damir Rajle, the ”Osijek” PhotoClub, Osijek (Croatia), and Norba Volodimir, the Association of the Fine-Art Photographers of Transcarpathia Ujghorod (Ukraine), who obtained an average of 9,67. The third place went to the photos taken by Majorov Sergey EFIAPs, Creative Union Photoart - Penza (The Russian Federation) and Norba Volodimir, the Association of the Fine-Art Photographers of Transcarpathia Ujghorod (Ukraine). Among the exhibited photos, the public will be able to discover a series of works belonging to creators from: The Czech Republic, China, Croatia, the Russian Federation, Japan, Serbia, Poland, Romania, USA, Ukraine and Hungary. Romania is represented by the partner organizations of: Bucureşti, Cluj Napoca, Carei, Craiova, Galaţi, Gheorgheni, Oradea, Marghita, Miercurea Ciuc, Râmnicu Vâlcea, Târgovişte, Târgu Mureş, Valea lui Mihai. The exhibition has a very high artistic value and covers varied subjects. The jury valued and promoted for the exhibition those images which truly met the appreciation criteria of the fine-art photos. The visitors will be able to admire a series of photo essays, social photos, wonderful landscapes, marvelous portraits, great nudes and other genres of this art. The inauguration of the international exhibition, organized under the patronage of Bihor County Council took place on Friday, the 18th of December 2015, at 6 o’clock p.m., in the ”Euro Foto Art” Gallery, with the participation of photography lovers. The relationships with the partner organizations of the well-known International Association were mentioned by its president, the fine-art photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, who praised the great cooperation with the 20 partners of Europe and Asia. The exhibited photos were presented to the public by the art critic, PhD Ramona Novicov, who welcomed the idea of opening such artistically valuable salons, different from the classical patterns promoted by other Salons, organized under various international patronages. The fine-artist Garik Avanesian MFIAP, president of the Czech Federation of Photography of Prague, praised the idea of organizing the international exhibition, the initiatives and the efforts deployed by the fine-art photographer Ştefan Toth AFIAP in order to coordinate high-quality cultural events. In appreciation of the existence of ”Euro Foto Art” International Association, he announced the fact that he would grant to ”Euro Foto Art” members a discount of 50% of the participation fees to the 6-7 International Salons organized yearly in Prague under the patronage of FIAP. The fine-art photographer Mészáros Ödön, regional vice-president in Hungary of ”Euro Foto Art” Association admired the high artistic level of the exhibits and expressed his pleasure of being present at that special event. In his speech, the president of the ”Tiszavirág” PhotoClub of Szolnok (HU), one of the most active partner organizations, underlined the importance of the joy and fondness shared by the fine-art photographers, which is the reason why the members of his PhotoClub travel to Oradea for every inauguration. The musical ambiance was provided by the artists Alexandrina Chelu and Florian Chelu. The new exhibition, organized in partnership with ”Gheorghe Şincai” County Library and the editorial staff of “Várad” Magazine will be open to the public until the 5th of January 2015, on working days, between 8 a.m and 7 p.m. The access to the exhibition is free of charge.


Opening of the exhibition

“Real Unreal”

Euro Foto Art” Association, regional member of the International Federation of Photographic Art organizes, starting with the 18th of November, a new exhibition of photographic art, entitled "Real-Unreal". This time, the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery hosts the creations of the fine-art photographer Felician Săteanu of Baia Mare. The artist is a member of “Euro Foto Art” Association and will present to the public a selection of 105 black-and-white and colour photos, belonging to two cycles: ethnography and abstract. Felician Săteanu, aged 63, has been a friend of the camera for about 50 years and has obtained various results in the field of the photographic art for more than 40 years. He graduated the High School of Music and Plastic Arts of Oradea, then, the “Ion Andreescu” Art Institute of Cluj-Napoca. As a visual arts teacher, he directed the activity of the photo and film club of the Pioneers House and of the Children’s Club of Borşa, Maramureş, for 22 years. For 5 years, he worked as associated professor at “Vasile Goldiş” Western University, for the photojournalism and broadcast journalism department. Currently, he is an artistic consultant at the Maramureș County Center for the Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture, in the field of visual arts, the photo-video department. His activity in the sphere of photography includes 15 camps dedicated to documentary-ethnographic photography in Maramureș, the editing of 15 photo albums and the collaboration with other publications, magazines and photo albums. Over the course of time, he has participated in many photography salons, out of which we mention: ”Premfoto” (Oradea), ”The Photography, an Ethnographic document” (Cluj-Napoca), ”Ethnographic Views” (Galați), personal and joint exhibitions, in Romania and abroad. Along with the documentary-ethnographic and artistic photography, Felician Săteanu also tackles the genre of the abstract photography. This photography genre is less approached because it implies that the photography technique, the imagination, the observation, the composition, in a word, the means of artistic expression should be thoroughly mastered. The specificity of such an exhibition is that it opens new perception, representation and interpretation horizons, as each visitor can see something different from the others in the same photography, depending on his sensitivity, culture, affinity, etc. The opening took place on Wednesday, the 18th of November 2015, at 6 o’clock, in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, in the presence of the author. The exhibits were introduced by PhD Ramona Novicov, art critic, and the exhibition was officially opened by the fine-art photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, president of “Euro Foto Art” Association. The musical ambiance was provided by the violinist Lucian Maliţa and the violist Thurzó Sándor József. The photographic art no. 506 organized under the patronage of Bihor County Council, will be open until the 8th of December 2015, on working days, between 08:00 - 19:00. Access to the exhibition is free of charge.

Seniors Photographic

Artists’ Salon

The “Euro Foto Art” Association has started a new project, through which it wants to organize yearly a national salon dedicated to senior photographers. The aim of these Salons is to bring to the attention of the public those photographers, who, along their career, have had many valuable creations. It makes us happy to see the fact that many photographers have answered the invitation launched by the well-known International Organization. Thus, the public from Oradea and not only will have the possibility of seeing, in the “Euro Foto Art” gallery, an exhibition made up of 106 works - black and white, as well as colored - made by famous Romanian photographers: Bálint Zsigmond AFIAP (Târgu Mureş),  Berinde Sora Maria (Oradea), Butnariu Liviu EFIAP (Braşov), Dancoglu Constantin EFIAPb (Oradea), Essig József (Cluj Napoca), Erbsz Tibor (Oradea), Kelen Francisc EFIAP (Arad), Kerekes Péter Pál AFIAP (Târgu Mureş),  Kucsera Jenő AFIAP (Târgu Mureş),  Haragos Zoltán EFIAP (Târgu Mureş), Incze István AFIAP (Târgu Mureş), Mardare Ştefan (Tecuci), Moldován Mihály EFIAPp (Săcele), Molnár Zoltán EFIAP (Târgu Mureş), Török Gáspár EFIAP (Târgu Mureş) and  Simionescu Viorel EFIAP (Bucharest). The curator of the “Euro Foto Art” Association has tried that through the exhibited works, to also display analogue photographs. Thus, the visiting public will be able to discover many photographs from various genres, such as: essay, portrait, landscapes, nudes, static nature, social photography, reporting. Among the exhibited photographs, the visitors and other photographer artists will be able to discover many classic, analogue photos, taken with great professional skill.  Also, some special photographs have been exhibited, captured with special techniques ( which may seem unbelievable to the digital photographers), through which the exhibiting creators tried to value the photographing film. The opening of the National Salon dedicated to the Month of the Elderly (October) took place on Wednesday, October 21 2015. The public present at the event was greeted by the photographer Ștefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the renowned international association. He invited those present to a moment of silence in honor of Miss Marossy Anna, who greatly appreciated photography and recently passed away. Mr.Stefan Tóth then proceeded to present the exhibited works, underlining the important role of the senior photographers in Romania and in promoting the photographic art. He later announced that this salon will turn into an International Salon with next year’s edition. Mr. Molnár Zoltán EFIAP from Târgu Mureș was invited to hold a speech. The 87-year old photographer travelled to Oradea especially for this event, accompanied by his wife. The renowned photographer has appreciated the artistic level of the exhibited photograph and congratulated the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery for its initiative. The Director of the County Center for Promoting Traditional Culture in Bihor, Mircea Jacan, has appreciated the initiative of organizing such a Salon. Szűcs László - publicist - has presented the exhibited photographs, appreciating the quality of the analogue photographs. In this event, other photographers were invited to talk: Berinde Sora Maria, Dancoglu Constantin EFIAPb şi Erbsz Tibor from Oradea, who talked about their careers in this field. At the end, the president of the Association has presented Mr. Molnár Zoltán EFIAP with a Diploma of Excellence, nr. 45 - as a sign of gratitude for his work during all these years, in promoting photographic art. The musical moments were ensured by the “Stadler” Clarinet Quartet, led by István Székely. The Salon, organized under the patronage of the Bihor County Council, in partnership with the “Gheorghe Șincai” County Library from Oradea, will be opened until November 11, between 8 am and 7 pm. Access is free.

Exhibition of photography club Physicians ARFOMED

In a special environment, on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 19:00, in the presence of a very large audience (including 18 students from the technical and photographic art course D/2015, led by photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP) the representative exhibition of photography club members of Physicians in Bucharest. The event was attended by the President of  the photo club from Bucharest photographer Mircea Cinteză, who specifically traveled to Oradea. The audience present at the event was welcomed by photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP president of "Euro Photo Art", who presented the context in which he came into contact with the photography club of Physicians in Bucharest, by its president. Furthermore it was made known the fact that before the opening they signed the cooperation protocol between the two photographic organizations from Oradea and Bucharest. Also it was handed to the artist photographer Mircea Cinteză, the patronage diploma number 017/2015 granted to the inaugurated exhibition as well as the permanent honorary member diploma number 017/2015. The art critic Dr. Ramona Novicov praised the work of the physicians and appreciated the fact that they can reserve time for taking artistic photos. The artist photographer Mircea Cinteză thanked for the invitation to exhibit at the "Euro Photo Art" Gallery, which recently celebrated 25 years of existence, during which were inaugurated in Oradea 500 exhibitions and presented to the public 40.000 creations of artists photographers from all continents of the world. After presenting the activities undertaken by the Photo club from Bucharest, he appreciated that Oradea remains the centre of artistic photography in Romania. The musical moments were provided by artists Lucian Maliţa and Thurzó Sándor József. The exhibition organized in partnership with the County Library "George Şincai" under the patronage of Bihor County Council will remain available to the visitors until 16 of august 2015, on weekdays between the hours 8:00 to 19:00, to which the public has free access.

Retrospective Exhibition

Balla Árpád Zoltán

The “Euro Foto Art” Gallery of Oradea, which will celebrate this year a quarter of a century of existence, will host, starting with the 10th of June 2015, the personal exhibition of the fine-art photographer Balla Árpád Zoltán, of Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita County, member of the “Euro Foto Art” Association. The exhibition was made out of 101 photos, black and white and colour, taken lately by the photographer and grouped into the following cycles: essay, portrait, landscape and free subjects. The largest share of the exhibited photos consists of the photo-graphics made with remarkable skill and sensibility. The technique used by the exhibiting fine-art photographer goes beyond the usual pattern of the digital processing, as the images turned into graphics have in their “depth” the “pure” photography. In comparison to many far-fetched and sensational processings which have lately become common, the photo-graphics of the fine-art photographer Balla Árpád Zoltán delight the visitor’s eye and make him feel as if he were in a world of the “future”. Árpád Zoltán’ essays, portraits and landscapes are full of sensitiveness and of messages which “invite” the visitor to an exceptional visual dialogue.The exhibiting fine-art photographer was born in 1957 in Odorheiu Secuiesc, Harghita county, where he is living today as well. He started to take pictures in 1974 and during the years spent at the University (1977-1983), he was a member of the “Dacia Felix” Students Cineclub of Brașov. In 1983 he became a member of the ”Muzeu” Photoclub of Odorheiu Secuiesc. The first personal exhibition of the fine-art photographer was organized in 1988 in Odorheiu Secuiesc and in Târgu Secuiesc. In the same year, he became a member of the Romanian Fine-art Photographers Association. Between 1989-2011 he gives up the creative activities. In 2012 he equips himself with digital cameras and he starts taking pictures again. In 2014, he completed the photography class organized by the Cultural Centre of Harghita county and inaugurated the third personal exhibition in Odorheiu Secuiesc. In the same year, he became a member of the International Association ”Euro Foto Art”. His works were included in tens of national and international fine-art photography salons and were rewarded with various prizes and medals. Within the representative itinerant collection of the members of the ”Euro Foto Art” Association, his works have been exhibited in tens of Galleries in several European countries and in China. The opening ceremony took place in the presence of the author on Wednesday, the 10th of June 2015, at 18.00. The works were introduced by the fine-art photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, the president of the ”Euro Foto Art” Association. The musical moments belonged to the artist Lucian Malița. The exhibition organized in partnership with ”Gheorghe Șincai” County Library, under the patronage of Bihor County Council will be open to the public until the 2nd of July 2015, on working days, between 08.00-19.00. Access to the exhibition is free of charge.

Opening of Group exhibition

from Slovakia

The "Euro Photo Art" Gallery from Oradea hosted on April 25, 2015 a group exhibition of works made by three talented photographers from Komarno - Slovakia, entitled "The World in the eyes of us three...". On this occasion, 103 color and black and white photographs taken from the works of artists Kopják Angelika, Sedliak Pál and Virágh Mária are being exhibited. Angelika Kopják was born in 1974, in Komarno. She started to learn the secrets of photography as autodidact. Her favorite subjects are portrait, documentary photography, reportage, but does not refuse to touch other topics too. From 2014 she is a member of the Photo Club "Helios" in Komarno. Sedliak Pál was born in 1981 in Komarno (Slovakia). As his father was a devoted amateur photographer he had the opportunity as a child to know the secrets of analog photography. He learned ceramic art in Penzinok. In high school he visited a Photo Club where he learned the secrets of photography. In 2001, he buys a digital camera. In 2008 he presented an exhibition to the public. Using digital techniques he is shooting with pleasure reportage, portrait and wedding topics. Mária Virágh lives in Sokolce and Komarno. She graduated high school at the Commercial Academy in Veľký Meder and Medical Faculty at the University "Philosopher Konstantin" from Nitra. She is currently the rector assistant of the Faculty “Selye János" from Komaro and photographer editor of the magazine "Veľkomederský Hlasnik". She came into contact with photography through her grandfather, who was a priest in the army during the Second World War and became a war columnist. She started photographing in 2010, after previously studying the artistic photography - image composition, lighting etc. In 2011 she had the honor to be requested by CEDAMOK from Velky Meder, to establish a Photo Club that would support and guide photography lovers. Since the establishment, the members have participated in a series of courses and organized a series of creative movements. The exhibition was held Saturday, April 25, 2015, at 11:00 in the presence of the three photography exhibitors. The musical moments were supported by the renowned artist József Sándor Thurzó. In the opening, the photographer Ştefan Toth AFIAP handed the representative of Photo Club "Helios" from Komarno, Virágh Mária, the European Photography Festival booklet, as a sign of gratitude for the involvement in this project. The exhibition was officially opened by photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the "Euro Photo Art" Association. The exhibition of the photographers from Slovakia, organized in the preamble of the fourth edition of the European Photography Festival and the "Varadinum" Festival, organized in partnership with the County Library " Gheorghe Şincai", under the patronage of Bihor County Council will remain available to the visitors until May 8, 2015, on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., with free entry.

Photography exhibition “1989-1990 in black and white

With the occasion of celebrating 25 years since the Romanian Revolution, the “Euro Foto Art” Association, in partnership with the “Várad” Magazine from Oradea, will organize an exhibition called “1989-1990 in black and white”. In the exhibition, 100 black and white photographs will be shown, made by the Oradea-based photo reporter Marian Antal. A part of the exposed photographs have been made prior to the events in December 1989. The visiting publiv will have the possibility to discover the photographs made for the “Faklya” newspaper at various politic events from that period. The photographs made a quarter century ago are a faithful representation of the way of life of our city dwellers and from Bihor County. A great deal of photographs brings to the public’s attention the events from December 22, 1989 from the City Hall in Oradea. There are images of the spontaneous popular gathering in front of the City Hall and with citizens handing out hot tea to solders at duty. The images will touch many viewers. The opening of the exhibition took place on Wednesday, 25th March 2015, at 18:00, in front of a numerous public. During the opening of the exhibition, short speeches were held by Gabor Varga and Szűcs László, the director of the “Varad” Magazine and the initiator of the exhibition. The exposing photo reporter has shared his opinions with the public. The musical moments have been provided by Thurzó Sándor József (viola) and Lucian Malița(violin) who have played two miniatures for viola and violin by two Brazilian composers, in a first European audition. Ian Quest (1940) and three pieces for violin and viola by Roberto Farias. The exhibition was formally opened by Ștefan TothAFIAP, the president of the “Euro Foto Art” Association. The new exhibition is organized in partnership with the “Várad” magazine and the ”Gheorghe Șincai” County Library, under the patronage of the Bihor Local Council. It will remain open for visit until April 7 2015, on workdays between 08:00 and 19:00. Access is free

The international art photography salon “Woman”

The leadership of the “Euro Foto Art” Association has decided that beginning with this year, to celebrate the International Women’s Day in a special way. Following this decision, on Sunday, 8th of March 2015, at 11:00, the opening of the exhibition and prize granting for the International Photographic Art Salon “Woman” took place. At this salon, women photographers were invited to take part. All participants were from the “Euro Foto Art” Association or the 21 partner associations from Europe and Asia. For this first edition of the International Salon, 275 images were received via e-mail from: China, Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. The international jury was composed of photographer artists such as: Georg S. Holzmann EFIAP (Germany), Norba Volodimir (Ukraine) and Ștefan Toth AFIAP (Romania). The juries have analyzed the photographs without knowing the names of the artists. Following the jury’s deliberation via internet, they have accepted 99 images for the Salon and have given awards to the best black and white, as well as color works. During the exhibition, the visitors can discover the woman presented in various genres of photography: social photography, nudes, essays, etc. The sensibility and the way in which the women photographers from Croatia, Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary have valued the models in their photographs are to be appreciated. The opening of the International Salon dedicated for the International Women’s Day took place on Sunday, 8th March 2015, at 11, in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery. In the crowd, there were photographer participants from Hungary and Slovakia. The accepted and winning works were presented by Prof. Ligia Mirșan, the director of the ”Gheorghe Șincai Library from Oradea (in Romanian) and the actress Kiss Törék Ildikó, the manager of the “Kiss Studio” theater from Oradea. The musical moments were provided by Ariadna Mircescu and Georgiana Mircescu, and the exhibition was officially opened by the photographer artist Ștefan Toth AFIAP, the president of the “Euro Foto Art” Association. The accepted and winning photographs can be seen at the following address: The exhibition, organized in partnership with the County Library, under the patronage of the Bihor County Council, will remain open for visiting until 24 March 2015, on workdays, between 8:00 – 19:00. Entrance is free.

       Erbsz Tibor

personal  exhibition

       (KLT Image)

Starting with December 19, 2014, "Euro Foto Art" Gallery from Oradea will host the last photographic exhibition of this year. This time, on the cymas of "Euro Foto Art" Gallery, were installed the 100 color photographs taken with great artistry by the famous photographer Tibor Erbsz (KLT Image), grouped under the title "Variations for the violin". The exhibitor photographer was born on January 30, 1940 in Oradea, named Tiberiu V. Crainic. He started photographing at the age of 14. From 1958 he specializes in the art of photography as self-trained. From 1959 he regularly attends the National salons of photographic art, and in 1967 he becomes a member of the Association of Photographic Artists from Romania. In the period 1969 - 1973 he organizes seven personal exhibitions in Oradea and other cities of Romania. In 1978 he leaves the country and settles in the US, where he lives for two years and asks for political asylum. Then he moves to Israel where he receives the Israeli citizenship, in addition to the Romanian one. In the Holy Land he attended a specialty exam, following which he was employed as a professional photographer. In 2003 he develops a project, according to a personal concept and begins photographing violin images. Along the years the images reached an impressive number. For this exhibition, the photographer has selected the most successful 100 photos, to be installed on the cymas of "Euro Foto Art" Gallery. According to the exhibitor photographer, the images were made by using the photodynamic futuristic style. The style was designed by Italian photographer and theoretician Anton Giulio Bragaglia (1890-1960), based on the theory that "the simple visualization of the regard is not the essential of things but the true state of the artist or the viewer’s transcendence." The varnishing of the exhibition was held in the presence of the author, Friday December 19, 2014, at 18:00. The works were presented by the art critic Dr. Ramona Novicov, and the exhibition was officially inaugurated by the artist photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP, president of both photographic organizations from Oradea. The musical moments were provided by artist Lucian Maliţa from Oradea. The final exhibition of photography is the 21st, organized this year at the "Euro Foto Art" Gallery under the patronage of Bihor County Council, will remain available to the visitors until 06 January 2015 on weekdays between 08:00 - 19:00, with free entrance.



Student’s Exhibition “Debut F/2014”

The new digital photography course, held by the well-known Photo club from Oradea, in collaboration with “Euro Foto Art” Association, for photography enthusiasts, began on the 16th of September. A record number of 30 people have signed up for it. During the course, basic notions related to the digital camera’s functions and image processing techniques have been presented. Also, the students discussed about and were taught composition and visual aesthetic notions. For a disadvantaged person, the “Nufărul” photo club has awarded a free participation tax. The closing festivity of the course was held on Friday, 31 October 2014, at 18:00, in the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery, found in 1 December Street, nr. 12. The gallery space proved too small for the great number of participants at the event. The course ended with a festivity during which graduation diplomas have been given out and an exhibition has been held, with the title “Debut F/2014”. 106 black and white and also color photographs have been put on display, made by the graduates: Ardelean Alina, Bagdi Alex-Eduard, Băruţia Laurenţiu, Bere Adina, Borbély Johanna, Casian Ruxandra, Chiş Florin, Csató Imre, Dande Alexandru, Dande Simona,  Farkas Attila, Földesi Magdalena,  Herdean - Georgina, Ilca Liviu,  Iancu Mihaela,  Kőteles Ildikó, Lal Gabriel, Mag Raluca, Marți Andreea, Negrea Olivia, Negrea Marius, Păuna Antoniu, Pop Ramona, Sabău Gwyneth, Silaghi Alexandra, Tulkos Alexandra,  Vidican Mădălin and Vrabie Gelu.  During the event, the photographer Ştefan Toth AFIAP, prezident of the Nufărul” photo club and of the “Euro Foto Art” Association from Oradea has held a shot speech, in which he congratulated all the graduates of the course, as well as Claudiu Szabó, EFIAP photographer, for the way in which he coordinated the course, which concluded with a wonderful exam exhibition of the sutdents. Also, Köteles Ildikó held a short speech, praising the way in which the course of F series/2014 was held. The musical moments were provided by the artists of the “Stadler” clarinet band from Oradea, led by István Székely. The festivity ended after taking a group photo where all those attending the exhibition were invited, to have a lasting memory from the event. The new exhibition held under the patronage of the County Council of Bihor can be visited by the public until 12 November 2014, between 8am and 7pm. The entrance is free. The next course will begin on the 12th of November 2014.

Photography art exhibition from Japan

From 23 to 28 September, 2014 the Gallery "Euro Photo Art" Association hosted the exhibition of members from Oradea Photo Club "Japanese Danube". The exhibition included 100 photographs taken from the works of members: Chigira Keiko, Hasegawa Asami, Kawano Katsusige, Koizumi Masaaki, Kudo Masashi, Kuniyoshi Ken, Makino Hiroshi, Nakanisi Michiyo, Obayashi Yoshiyuki, Osada Mikiko, Segawa Takao, Takahashi Kazuhiro, Tatsuki Ayaka, Tazaki Ryuichi, Totsuka Atsuo, Yoshioka Naomichi, Yokohama Minato Mirai and Yoshioka Naomichi. The Photo Club "Japanese Danube" with headquarters in Tokyo, was founded in April, 2011 on the initiative of photography lovers from Hungary and from countries that are connected by the Danube. The purpose proposed by the Photo Club was to organize photography exhibitions in Japan and in countries bordering the Danube, organize creation trips for photographers from Japan to countries limitrophe with the Danube and keep a bilateral cooperation within these countries. The Club has 20 professional photographers, amateur photographers and photography lovers from the Japanese-Hungarian Friendship Society. The president of the Photo Club is the artist photographer Tazaki Ryuicshi, member of the Photography Artists Association from Japan (JPA). On September 6, 2013 was held the first photography exhibition abroad, in Szolnok (Hungary), a town which is twinned with Yuza city from Yamagata County. During this exhibition 46 photographs by 12 artists were presented (which will also be presented at the exhibition to be varnished in Oradea). Six photographers from Japan attended the exhibition from Szolnok. In November this year, the exhibition entitled "Hungary + Japan" was opened in Tokyo. The photo exhibition "Visegrád + Japan" was opened this year. The honorary member of the Japanese Photo Club is the artist Tamás Kardos, who is also the creator member of "Euro Photo Art" Association in Oradea. The members of the Japanese Photo Club exhibited for the first time in Romania. The varnishing of the exhibition organized under the patronage of Bihor County Council was held on Monday, September 22, 2014, at 18:00, in the presence of a numerous public. The event was attended by four photographers including the president of the Photo Club, Tazaki Ryucsihi, and also Tazaki Katsuya, Totsuka Atsuko, Yoshioka Naomichi. The photographer Kardos Tamás from Szolnok (Hungary), honorary member of the Japanese Photo Club, creator member of "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea, was also present at the event. The works were presented to the public by dr. Ramona Novicov, art critic and the exhibition was officially opened by artist photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP, president of both organizations from Oradea. The musical moments were provided by artists from String Quartet "Varadinum" Oradea. The new exhibition remained available to the visitors until 28 September 2014, on weekdays between the hours 8:00 to 19:00, to which the access of the public was free.


Photographic exhibitionfrom

Bihor -HajduBihar

On the cymas of "Euro Photo Art" Gallery from Oradea were installed photos accepted and awarded in the fourth edition of the exhibition artist photographers from Bihor - Hajdú Bihar region. With this occasion was exposed 100 black and white and color photos selected by two juries from Hajdu Bihar - Bihor counties region. According to the draft regulation released could participate in this Euroregion exhibition photographers and artists from other cities. From Bihor collection (consisting of 50 black and white photographs and color) Bihor region jury composed of artist photographers Szabó Claudiu EFIAP, Reka Kovacs and Ştefan Tóth AFIAP accepted works of authors: Baba-Filimon Ciprian (Oradea), Barcsa Sándor (Suplacu de Barcău), Bock Paul (SUA), Cacuci Cristian (Oradea), Creţ Adrian (Ştei), Crişan Alexandru (Valea lui Mihai), Dancoglu Constantin EFIAPb (Oradea), Dudás László (Mediaş), Illés Róbert (Oradea), Kajtár Tibor (Szolnok), Morvai Szabó Edina (Oradea), Oláh Tibor (Debrecen), Ovi D. Pop (Oradea), Paladean Vasile  (Cernăuţi), Petrila Gheorghe EFIAP (Oradea), Rusu Adela Lia Rusu AFIAP (Oradea), Stan Gelu AFIAP (Oradea), Stan Valentina EFIAP (Oradea) şi  Vlaicu Teodora (Oradea). From the collection of Hajdú - Bihar (consisting also from 50 photos) Hajdú Bihar jury composed of artist photographers Varga Tamás, István Süli şi Máthé Andrásaccepted the work of artists photographers: Balogh Gábor, Baloghné Kovács Matild,  Bodó Dániel, Csergő András Gál András, Horváth Katalin,  Horváth Tamás, Illés Gábor, Erek, Kántor Éva, Károlyi Gábor, Kis Sándor, Kocsis Csaba, Kocsis István Tamás, Konyhás István, Kövesi Eszter, Matey István, Nagy Zoltán, Rádi Bálint, Somlyai Jenő, Süli István,  Varga József, Varga Tamás şi Veres Hajnalka. Unfortunately it was found that despite the agreement, two members of the jury from the neighboring county had work accepted by the jury that they did part. According to the initial agreement photographers artist awards were established in Bihor County jury from Hajdú - Bihar, namely the Hajdú Bihar County by a jury from Bihor county. In this context the first prize have been providing to artists photographers: Dancoglu Constantin EFIAPb (Oradea) and Csergő András (Debrecen) and the second prize went to artists photographers Baba-Filimon Ciprian (Oradea) and István Tamás Kocsis (Debrecen). The third prize was awarded to artists photographers Adela Rusu Lia AFIAP (Oradea) and Bodo Daniel (Debrecen). The exhibition and awarding of prizes was held Wednesday, July 30, 2014, at 18:00 "Euro Photo Art" Gallery (Square December 1 no. 12), in the presence of larg audience, which filled the ground floor and attic gallery. In the opening vernissage photographer Stephen Toth AFIAP chairman of "Euro Photo Art" and Club "Water lily" Oradea welcomed the Hungarian and Romanian those present at the event and presented the way it was organized joint exhibition this year. Máthé photographer András Debrecen Photo Club President proposed that biennial exhibitions to be held, after which he handed the three winners from Bihor County jury awards of Hajdu Bihar region. The editor of the magazine "Varad" László Szűcs talked about his reign impressions about the show. Oláh Tibor photographer from Debrecen, member of the Association "Euro Photo Art" handed to Stephen Toth AFIAP an album recently published about launching the Stadium from Debrecen, which is illustrated with images taken by renowned photographer from town twinning. Musical moments of the opening from Oradea were supported by artists String Quartet "Varadinum", and the exhibition was officially opened by artist photographers  Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, President of the Association "Euro Photo Art" and "Water lily" photo club from Oradea. Finally it was done a group photo in memory of opening. New photography exhibition will remain available to the visitors until August 19, 2014, on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., entry is free.

"Osijek" Photo Club Exhibition

from Croatia in Oradea


Although we are in the new summer season Gallery "Euro Foto Art" continues to offer the visitors an attractive exhibition schedule. Thus the cymas of the known galleries were installed the 100 black and white and color photographs by members of Photo Club "Osijek" from Osijek (Croatia). Photos displayed were made in a special artistic, covering almost all photography genres: landscapes, portraits, essays, nude, socio-photos, macro and sports. Photo club "Osijek" is one of the most representatives from Croatia Photo Clubs, which organizes for its members some Exceptional exhibition. Work photo club members participated in a series of international exhibitions of photographic art, being honored with dozens of awards and international medals. Noted Photo Club of Croatia is one of the 20 partner organizations of the Association "Euro Foto Art". Under this partnership member photo club "Osijek" were guests of honor at the sixth edition of the International Exhibition "Eurofotoart" 2014. Jury internationally accepted International Exhibition nine images made by artists photographers: Bojan Sontacchi, Boris Zulj, Ivan Vidacovic, Jasmina Gorjanski and Zoran Makarovic. It should be noted that the work of artist Boris Zulj entitled "Optimist" was awarded the international jury of the Salon silver medal "Carol Pop Szathmári - Szahmári Károly Pap." The exhibition took place in the presence of a group of nine photographers from Osijek, headed by its President photographer Miroslav Adam, Friday, June 20, 2014, at 18:00 Gallery "Euro Photo Art" in Oradea. In the opening, president of the "Euro Photo Art" photoartist Stefan Tóth AFIAP handed of the President photo club "Osijek" Adam Miroslav the plaque of the European Photography Festival, respectively silver medal "Carol Pop Szathmári - Szahmári Károly Pap" with a request to hand over of the artist Boris Zulj which the International Salon "Euro Foto Art" in 2014 won the award for the paper entitled "Optimist". In turn President Photo club "Osijek" Adam handed artist photographer Stefan Miroslav Tóth AFIAP diploma Photo Klub "Osijek" Association awarded "Euro Foto Art" in gratitude for bilateral cultural cooperation. Exhibition of Croatian artists photographers was officially opened by photoartist Stefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the "Euro Foto Art" and the Photo Club "Nufărul". Musical moments were provided by artists String Quartet "Varadinum" from Oradea. The new exhibition organized by the "Euro Foto Art" in partnership with Club photo "Nufărul" will remain available to the visiting public until July 8, 2014, on weekdays between the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the input is free. The works on display can watch and Association website:



Photo exhibition from Bucharest in Oradea

The only permanent photo gallery from Romania Gallery "Euro Photo Art" from Oradea is hosting from February 27, 2014, the exhibition of "My dear Bucharest" Association members ( With this occasion are exposed 100 black and white photos, made by artist photographers: Adrian Bolboceanu, Adriana Manolache, Alexandru Dinu-Serban, Alina Corcoz, Alunita Munteanu, Anca Coman,  Andreea Grigorescu,  Andreea Radu, Andrei Birsan, Andrei Bosoiu, Andreia Birsan, Bogdan Apopei, Bogdan Luta, Calin-Andrei Stan,  Carmen Gradinaru, Carmen Stefan-Pelinel, Cătălin Dinculescu, Carmen Ştefan-Pelinel, Cătălin Dinculescu, Claudia Melchiori, Cornel Hlupina, Cornel Liviu Mănescu, Cornel Petrescu, Cristi Radu, Cristian Bucur, Cristian Mihart, Cristiana Baston, Cristina Bădescu, Cristina Tinta, Daliana Păcuraru, Dan Moruzan, Dana Borcea, Daniel Gheorghiţă, Daria Răducanu, Diana Chiriac, Dragos Ticu, Eli Driu, Elisei Noata, Emanuel Pătrăscioiu, Eugen Eugraph, Ileana Buruianu, Ileana Partenie, Irina Cara, Irina Voicea, Iulia Antocica, Iulia Herescu, Julia Kretsch, Laura Oprea, Leonard Butusina, Livia Maria Chiorean, Livia Zaharia, Lucian Muntean, Marcel Eremia, Marian Chiriac, Marius Oancea, Mihai Petre, Mihai Roznovanu, Mimi Rusu, Mirela Momanu, Monica Mihaela Balareanu, Monica Miron, Neculae Juncu, Nick Costandache, Nicu Nădejde, Nicul Buculei, Nina Mihaila, Oreste Iftode, Ovidiu Lucaci, Paul Enache, Paula Ana Maria Tasca, Petru Schiopu, Radu Iacob, Radu Leonte, Răzvan Preda, Roberto Iosupescu, Şerban Vornicu, Sergiu Sfetcu, Simina Sav, Sorina Tache, Stefanel Vlad, Victor Ciurea, Victor Roman, Violeta Panait, Viorel Pirjan,  Viorel Plesca,  Vlad Eftenie şi  Vrăbiuţa Albert Adrian. Exhibited works, showing Bucharest in black and white, elegant and include many genres of photography such as story, essay, socio-photos made in a manner and unconventional approach. Members of the Association "My dear Bucharest", founded in 2007, they decided to become "chroniclers" devoted to the Romanian capital. The chairman of the Association Andrew Bîrsan states that "Unfortunately we do not have time to think that our roads daily through the city breaking the land full of history. It is worth discovering for all of us and our children, charm of the place, people and traditions that have built, which have defined the spirit and that in some way interfere with our present day. In this context photography enthusiasts are invited from the capital "to photograph together the story of our city as we love as we live each day, as we are changing under your eyes! Let's say to us, for our children, for those who pass through the city rush for those who come to visit him leisurely, "says association president. At present the Association "My dear Bucharest" has over 1,500 members in the capital and surrounding devotees who regularly participate in various creative movements in different areas of Bucharest. Although they have their own gallery found its original form to bring exhibits to the public. The best places for this were subway stations, the fence of Bucharest museum or passage "University" which roams thousands of Bucharest people and beyond. The association launched in 2012 an electronic journal and published in highly visual articles about the city. The association website posted so far 150,000 images. Since 2013 the Association "My dear Bucharest" became partner organization of "Euro Photo Art" Association, which allowed on January 11, 2014 celebrating the Day of Art Photographic in the hall of "University" Passage from Bucharest and organizing in the second edition of "Carol Szathmári Pop" International Festival the artist exhibition photographers from Moldova.