Course graduates photo exhibition
Thursday, November 30th , 2013 , in the “Studio" of "Water lily" Photographic Club in the Palace “Black Eagle" became overcrowded. In the room were friends and family members of graduates technical and photography course organized by "Water lily" Photo Club in partnership with "Euro Foto Art"Association , under the guidance of artist photo-artist Stefan Tóth AFIAP. The course starts in the autumn (series F) was graduated by 7 students: Ágoston Zsolt, Bodó László-István,  Ivan Dorin Alexandru, Sturza Sebastian, Rad Emilia-Janina, Rad Lavinia-Dana, Morvai Szabó Edina Éva şi  Mateiaş Mihai Valentin. The opening ceremony was made by President Photo Club from Oradea who thanked the graduates for cooperation envisaged in the course and urged them to continue this beautiful concern for the future. Among the graduates spoke Morvai Szabó Edina Éva, who appreciated how classes was conducted and thanked to artist photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP made for guidance and advice they received. He attended to the awarding ceremony of graduation diplomas and opening of the exhibition entitled "Debut" consists of works made by Agoston Zsolt László , István Bodó Morvay Szabó Edina Éva. Musical moments have been provided by artist József Sándor Thurzó . The new exhibition will remain available to the public. Viewing can announce intentions to mobile: 0741 / 212111-0770 / 103500.

Photo exhibition " 3 X China"
In the first edition of Photography Week of China, took place on 8th of October 2013, 12:00 clock am in "Studio" Salon in the " Black Eagle" Palace from Oradea, the  exhibition of artist photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP entitled "3 X China" . The opening attended in addition to a large number of photography lovers and the prefect of Bihor county, Mr. Claudiu Pop, Mr. Yan Jianwu, Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of China in Romania , who represented His Excellency Ambassador Ms. Huo Yuzhen. Was also present at this eventMr. Zhou Min, secretary of cultural affairs of China Embassy in Romania. On the exhibition was  
displayed a selection of 66 photographs, taken by photographer from Oradea in the three creative journeys made in the most picturesque places of China: Jiazuo (2002), Tibet (2005) and Lishui (2007). In the opening, the exhibitor shared to the public a personal impressions about what he seen, lived and photographed in different parts of China. Mr. Yan Jianwu , Cultural Counsellor of the Embassy of China in Romania , emphasized the important role that his word had photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, promoting links between photographers from Romania and China. The Prefect of Bihor county, Mr. Claudiu Pop expressed the joy of of have in Bihor County the Cultural Counselor of the Embassy of China in Romania. Musical moments have been provided by artist Thurzó József Sándor, who interpreted several musical pieces by composers from China.


Photoexhibition "Murals"

In the "Studio" Gallery from the "Black Eagle" Palace from Oradea, will be hosting on the 27th of March 2013, for a month, a personal exhibition of photographs entitled "Murals", made from the works of Béla Szapungi from Salonta, this occasion will be displayed a 50 color photographs, size 30 x 45 cm, made ​​in Belfast, Northern Ireland, with some very special conditions. From youth, the exhibitor was interested on wall paintings. The photo which will be presented on the gallery was made during two trips. The works will be presented to the public by Dr. Ramona Novicov, critic of art. The exhibition will be officially opened by photo artist Stefan Tóth A.FIAP, the president of "Water Lily" Photographic Club and "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea. Musical moment will be provided by the well-known József Sándor Thurzó artist. Photographic exhibition organized by the Club "Water Lily" on partnership with "Euro Photo Art" from Oradea, will remain available to the visitors until 25 April 2013. Viewing intentions will be announced by phone: 0741/212111, 0765/249881 or e-mail:, Public access is free!