With great pain in my soul, I found out about the passing into eternity of the renowned photographer artist HARAGOS ZOLTÁN EFIAP from Târgu Mureș, honorary member of the International Association “Euro Foto Art” from Oradea. Thank you for hundreds of artistic photographs, of high artistic attire created, as a photographer artist, as well as for the fact that you carried on your soul the destiny of national and international photographic art. Through the photographs exhibited in dozens of Galleries from different parts of Europe reproduced in dozens of art albums, you demonstrated an important thing: “In simplicity is complexity!" You did the same thing in your daily activity through your modest behavior. We've been true friends for decades. You have always sincerely enjoyed the results obtained by me. I felt the same way when I found out about your beautiful successes in the field of photographic art! It was a pleasure to judge together at different National Salons of Photographic Art! It's hard to get used to the fact that you are only among us ..., but through your wonderful photos you will always remain in our hearts! Goodbye Dear Friend, eternal rest!

Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP

President of the


International Association "Euro Photo Art" Oradea