Euro Foto Art Association from Oradea

The nonprofit cultural organization was founded in 2008 by the initiative of artist photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP in order to promote the European photography in Romania, namely art of photography from Romania, in Europe, which since 2013 has become an individual member of the International Federation Photographic Art (FIAP). In "Euro Photo Art" Association have joined 20 photo clubs and Associations from several European countries and Asia as follows: The association has also highlighted hundred associate members from several European countries. The "Euro Photo Art" Association is the organizer of the "Carol Pop Szathmári - Szathmári Károly Pap" International Festival of Photography and European Festivals of Photography, both organized under the Ministry of Culture, in partnership with the Romanian Cultural Institute, European Commission Representation in Romania, office Information of the European Parliament, the Institute "Balassi" - Hungarian Institute of Bucharest and the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest. It is also the organizer of the "Euro Foto Art" International Exhibition is only carried on the Old Continent, which is the first work made exclusively only on Europe. In partnership with the "Water lily" photo club is organizing the "Premfoto" International Salon, the International Salon of Photographic Artists Romanian and Hungarian from Diaspora, under the patronage of the Presidents of Romania and Hungary. In 2011 the "Euro Photo Art" Association has initiated a national project designed to provide nationalities from Romania, through the organization of national Salons photography and editing album art. In this context national lounges were inaugurated the exhibition entitled "Hungarians in Romania" (2011), "The Germans of Romania" (2012) and "Jews in Romania" (2013). The "Euro Photo Art" Association is the only permanent galleries administrator from Romania. The "Euro Photo Art" Gallery was founded in 1990 by artist photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, were inaugurated in around 500 exhibitions artists photographers works made of all over the world.


”Cu aparate de fotografiat prin Penitenciare”

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Asociația ”Euro Foto Art”

Coordonator :

Ștefan Tóth AFIAP


La Mulţi Ani !

Happy Birthday!

Boldog Szülinapot!



- 03 Pap István


- 04 Becze Noémi


- 06 Ágoston Zsolt


- 08 Gociu Alexandru


- 09 Marton Monica


- 13 Rusu T. Victor


- 14 Păunaş Nicoleta


- 21 Dombi Istvan


- 22 Lazar Emese






- 02 Kajtár Tibor


- 11 Ghiță Bogdan


- 13 Török Sarolta-Éva


- 16 Kardos Tamás,


- 16 Stan Valentina


- 22 Gardó Zoltán


- 23 Papp István


- 28 Bánházi Gyöngi


- 30 Toma Andrei,

        Bódi Renáta



Orașului Oradea -

Complex Cultural

(12.02 - 07.03.2019)

Galeria Euro Foto Art


11 - 28.02.2019



Cetatea Oradea

     04- 28.02.2019.

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