The personal exhibition of Morvay Szabo Edina


The XXV edition of the “Festum Varadinum” offered the possibility of roganizing in Oradea an exhibition of Morvay Szabo Edina, in a joint action by the “Nufărul” Photo Club and the “Euro Foto Art” international Association. In this context, on the walls of the “Studio” gallery of the well-known photo club from Oradea in the Vulturl Negru Palace, a total of 48 pictures have been put up for display. The photographs are black and white, as well as color, being taken by Morvay Szabo Edina, radiotherapist and chief os the Radiotherapy Laboratory of the “Gavril Curteanu” Municipal Hospital Oradea.  Our artist began taking pictures while learning the trade from her farher, who, between 1945-1964 participated with his works in various exhibitions and competitions, with some photo taken even in the hospitals of Oradea. Miss Edina has been photographing since 2002 and is one of the graduates of the photographic art and technique course, held by the Oradea-based photo club, under the leadership of Ștefan Toth AFIAP. In 2013, she became a member of the International Euro Foto Art Association - member of the Regional International Art Photography Federation - where she is an active member. Although her free time is very limited, she still finds moments for taking photographs. With her works, she took part in many exhibitions organized by the “Euro Foto Art” gallery, in Oradea, in the Culture Center of Marghita and at the “Octavian Goga” Library in Aleșd. With a part of her works, she also took part in various National Salons (Galați) and International Salons from Ukraine and Hungary, where some of her works were rewarded with prizes. Her favourite subjects are landscapes and social photography. The opening of her personal exhibition took place in front of a numerous public, which filled the gallery. The host of the exhibition was Ovi D. Pop AFIAP, the director of the patronage department of the Euro Foto Art Association. He greeted the public and read a message from Ștefan Toth, who could not take part in the event. Miss Edina followed, and she thanked for the possibility offered to her to present her works to the public. The musical moments were ensured by the permanent voluntary collaborator off the two photographic organizations, Thurzo Sandor Josef. The new exhibition is organized in partnership with the Oradea City Hall, with the support of the Bihor County Council. It can be visited by those interested until May 19 2016. Those interested are asked to call 0770 103500