The calendar for 2016

has become available


In the care of the „Euro Foto Art” Editure, the Association’s Calendar for 2016 has become available, in English and Romanian. At the begining of December 2015 the wall-mountable editions came out and recently the desk edition. This time, the calendar made with support from “Duran’s” Oradea is illustrated with the best portraits made by members of the International “Euro Foto Art” Association. Among the 12 portraits, the seals of partner associations are present, along with the seal of the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery and the three International Festivals organized by the Euro Foto Art association. The pages of the calendar were made by Reka Kovacs (the graphic artist of the association) and the printing and finishing of it were made at “Duran’s” Printing press Oradea, in excellent conditions. The first part of the calendar (the wall edition) was launched at the Romanian Cultural Institute in Beijing and at the Chinese Photographer’s Association in China at the begining of December 2015. The desk calendars are to be given free of charge to the members of the parner organizations and supporters of the “Euro Foto Art” Association across the world.


The jubilee catalog

"Euro Photo Art" Gallery

1990 – 2015 was released

Recently it was released (in just one color, due to financial problems) in the care of the publishing house "Euro Photo Art" the Jubilee Catalog. The catalog was launched in order to celebrate 25 years of the sole gallery of this kind in Romania. The first article entitled "A quarter century of Beauty" is signed by dr. Ramona Novicov. The artist photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP founder and curator of the Gallery published an article entitled "A dream come true". The poet and editor Szűcs László signs the article "Consistent values ​​of creations". The 500 inaugurated exhibitions from the Gallery "Euro Photo Art" along the 25 years of existence are presented in the catalog. It consists of 138 images reproduced at various exhibitions. The music collaborators are not missing from the catalog, who over 25 years have coloured the atmosphere of the varnishings. The album was edited by the director of the publishing house "Euro Photo Art" Ştefan Tóth photographer and the DTP drafting was done by photographer Claudiu Szabó EFIAP. The Jubilee catalog has been accomplished with the financial support from the Bihor County Council - National Tourist Information Centre Bihor, "Várad" magazine and Printing House "Honterus" Sibiu. The exceptional printing achievement goes to the publishing house "Honterus" Sibiu. The Jubilee Catalogue appeared in Romanian, English and Hungarian language, and it will be sent to all exhibitors photographers and to those who supported the "Euro Photo Art" Gallery's exhibition program.