Ovi D. Pop AFIAP,

the top success

Photographer artist Ovi D. Pop, director of the Patronage Department of Euro Foto Art Association, recently also an AFIAP member, continues to participate to various international photography art exhibits. At the international “Balkan Dream” exhibit, organized with a PSA patronage, his piece titled “Macri” was distinguished with the PSA mention, and his image for the “Street” section received the honorary UPI mention. It is worth mentioning that the photographer artist Ovi D. obtained in the course of this year, 14 awards at various International Salons, awards which include one PSA gold medal, 2 “Carol Pop de Szathmari” silver medals, 12 mentions in Ireland, Egypt, SErbia, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary, four “Carol Pop de Szathmari- Szathmari Pap Karoly” plaques. Congratulations to our colleague and best wishes for the future !