The last meeting of last year of the Steering Committee of the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), recognized by UNESCO, which took place in November 2021, decided to give the well-known artis photographer from Oradea Ștefan TÓTH István AFIAP (who on August 8 2021 celebrated 70 years of life and 50 years of artistic activity) an ESFIAP International distinction. The Merit for Life Award is given to outstanding artists and personalities in the field of photography from all over the world who have carried out a special activity in the FIAP service. From the application file submitted to FIAP by MAFOSZ - Magyar Fotóművészeti Alkotócsoportok Országos Szövetsége (Association of Photo Clubs of Hungary), - whose vice-president is the well-known artist photographer Oradean Ștefan TÓTH István organized 87 personal exhibitions and 57 major group exhibitions and the fact that he participated in 31 international juries organized with FIAP patronage in China, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Romania, Turkey and Ukraine. He is the founder, curator and director of the founding (1990) of the longest-lived Permanent Gallery of Photographic Art in Romania: "Euro Foto Art" Gallery, - which in 2019 became the 17th FIAP Exhibition Center in the World , - in which over 600 photographic art exhibitions from all over the world were opened and over 45,000 works of art were presented to the visiting public, to which the public access was free! He is also the founder, the founding director (2017) of the “Ștefan Vilidár István” Gallery in the Princely Palace of the Medieval City of Oradea, where more than 70 exhibitions of photographers from Saudi Arabia, Austria, China, have been opened since its inception. Iran, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Singapore and Ukraine and presented to the visiting public over 3,500 works of art, to which the access of photography lovers was equally free. Photographer from Oradea Ștefan TÓTH István AFIAP has organized in his career (for half a century), with the patronage and auspices of FIAP over 40 International Symposia of Photographic Art and participated in 34 International Symposia of Photographic Art and 109 Camps of International Creations organized under the auspices of FIAP in several countries in Europe and Asia. Photographer Ștefan TÓTH István is the 46-year-old president of the “Nufărul” Oradea Photography Club (FIAP Individual Member), the 13-year-old International Association of “Euro Foto Art” (the only FIAP Regional Member in the world), respectively. 2007 - 2012 (after 17 years of national crisis) president of the International Association of Romanian Photographers. He is also the initiator and curator of 7 International Photographic Art Festivals organized under the auspices of FIAP and the director of two publishing houses "Nufărul" and "Euro Foto Art" accredited by the National Library of Romania. The 45-year-old played an important role as a lecturer through more than 200 courses in technique and photographic art taught by him and graduated by more than 10,000 graduates in the training of creators of "writers with light". 2021 The FIAP Distinction Service announces to the well-known photographer that his half-century-old work has been rewarded with the ESFIAP Distinction, in accordance with the FIAP Organization Regulation Stefan Tóth AFIAP, will be able to use this distinction in his future.




In the cool summer garden of Óbudai Társaskör in Budapest, Kiskorona street number 7, on the 27th of June 2021 on a Sunday, at the local time 11:00, the General Meeting of the members of the World Hungarian Photographers Association (Magyar Fotóművészek Világszövetsége), founded in 1992, took place, where also Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP - a founding member of the association - was present. During the meeting, the president of the association - Dr. Sandor Patrus presented Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP in a festive environment, with the lifetime achievement award (Életműdíj) with the occasion of celebrating his 70th birthday and 50 years of uninterrupted artistic activity. The lifetime achievement awards are granted to those artists that have obtained great results in their artistic and public lives. Those who were awarded this recognition have contributed to improving the prestige of the World Hungarian Photographers Association. In this context, the president of the association, Dr Sandor Patrus - has praised the work undertaken by  Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP in his 50 years of uninterrupted artistic activity, in service for the world photographic art. Ștefan Tóth Istvan was grateful for the award, after which those present were invited to take a group photograph and to raise a glass of wine. (Photo: EFA/ Mészáros Varga Erzsébet)



The well-known fine art photographer Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP will celebrate his 70th birthday as well as 50 years of uninterrupted photographic activity, on the 9th of August 2021. In the 50 years of activity, he defined photographic art in Oradea and Bihor county, thus becoming the cultural ambassador of hte city and the county.

- From his works, various exhibitions have been organized:

            - 85 personal exhibitions in countries from Europe, in Argentina, Asia, Brazil, China

            - numerous group exhibitions in Bangladesh, South Korea, Iran, Pakistan, New Zealand and others

- He was invited to be part of over 50 international and national fine art photography juries

- He founded three permanent photography galleries out of which we mention:

            - in 1990: “Euro Foto Art” Gallery - the longest running gallery in Romania, in which 595 exhibitions of artists from across the globe have been exhibited

- in 2019 this gallery became FIAP Exhibition Center Oradea-Romania, being the 17th gallery of this stature in the world, while mr. Toth was elected to be its director      

- He was invited to participate in over 70 symposiums, colloquiums and International Festivals

- He took part in over 100 creative journeys in many European and Asian countries (for example nine of these journeys were to picturesque places in China and included a 2 week trip to Tibet)

- Has organized numerous international camps, national and international salons for photography in Oradea and Bihor

- He was the organizer and teacher for hundreds of photography introductory courses, which were graduated by photography enthusiasts from Serbia, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Ukraine. Mr. Toth is proud of all of them, but especially with Valeria Stan EFIAPd, Ovi D. Pop EFIAPs, Ovidiu Gabor EFIAP - receivers of many international medals and prizes.

- He received the Prize and Excellency Trophy of the Oradea City Hall twice (in 2004 and 2006) as well as the Medal of Honour of the City Hall of Oradea (2006)

For his special merits in photography, the initiative committee for the jubilee lead by Dr. Ramona Novicov - art critic - have forwarded to the City Hall of Oradea the suggestion that Ștefan Tóth István AFIAP be declared a Honorary Citizen of Oradea.


- Mr Toth will be celebrated during the festivities organized on Monday, August 9th 2021, in the SION Synagogue in Oradea, starting at 18:00.

(Photo. EFA/ Orsolya Kovács)

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