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The Jubilee of the Gallery ”Euro Foto Art”

25 years ago, at the initiative of the fine-art photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, the first permanent fine-art photography Gallery of Bihor county was created. At first, ”Foto Art” Gallery operated in the cultural-artistic Club ”Constructorul”, then in the Civic Centre (the current location of Sanpaolo Bank), where the first photography art exhibitions were organized. The first attempt to create a fine-art photography Gallery in Oradea was approved of and supported by the 1985 leadership boards of the Fine-Art Photographers' Association, of the City Hall and of the Communist Party of Oradea. Following the application made at Oradea City Hall, the first location of the Gallery was set in the ex-main office of the Tourism Bureau for Youth, on Iosif Vulcan street, near the Football Club Bihor. The repartition was blocked by the county management, who had to endorse it, because the future neighbours wanted to occupy this space dedicated to the fine-art photography Gallery. After the regime change, in 1990, with the support of the National Salvation Front of Oradea and of a Governement Resolution (establishing that the spaces which were not used as they were meant, should be reallocated to those who committed to ”bring back to life” those spaces), the old repartition was changed with the space in Moscovei Street no. 3, where the archives of the State Theatre were located. Following the forced evacuation decided by the Presiding Judge's Order of May the 7th 1991, the space was emptied and, with the members'help, it was renovated and inaugurated in June the 6th 1991, by the opening ceremony of an international fine-art photography exhibition which came from the PhotoClub ”Orizont” of Sibiu. The first designation of the Gallery was ”Foto Art” and it was administered by the PhotoClub ”Nufărul” of Oradea, until the relocation to the current space. (the 30th of July 2010). With the support of Bihor County Council, starting with the 1st of August 2010, the Gallery has moved to a new location in Oradea, Piața 1 Decembrie no. 12, when it also changed its name into ”Euro Foro Art” Gallery and entered under the management of the International Association ”Euro Foto Art”. In only one week, the new location of the gallery becomes functional, due to the abnegation of the fine-art photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the ”Euro Foto Art” Association and of his team who arranged the new Gallery space in record time. In the 25 years of existence, thanks to an unceasing voluntary work of the president of the ”Euro Foto Art” Association and of his team, the ”Euro Foto Art” Gallery hosted more than 500 exhibitions of fine-art photographers from all over the world. Thus, the public of Oradea and not only, was offered over 45 000 fine-art photos, with free acces! The opening ceremonies were honoured by the presence of the ambassadors of South Africa, China, India, Peru, by Mrs. Norica Nicolai, Member of the European Parliament, by Mrs. Biró Rozália, Senate Member, by Mrs. Florica Cherecheș and Mr. Szabó Ödön, deputies, and also, by Mr. Theodor Paleologu and Mr. Kelemen Hunor, Ministries of Culture. We appreciate the fact that a part of the exhibition programme has been financially supported within the framework of the cultural projects conducted by Oradea City Hall and Bihor County Council, but the majority of the exhibitions have been self-financed. Therefore, the ”Euro Foto Art” Gallery, the only permanent gallery of Romania, as the fine-art photographer Ştefan Tóth AFIAP had dreamt it a quarter of a century ago, has truly become a ”Church” of the believers ... in fine-art photography! The anniversary ceremony, organized under the patronage of the Ministry of Culture, will take place on Friday, the 3rd of July 2015, at 11.00, in the well-known Gallery. All the fine-art photographers who exhibited in the Gallery in the 25 years of existence and the presidents of the PhotoClubs which organized exhibitions in this space were invited at the event. Invitations were also sent to all those who supported and assisted the functioning of the Gallery. Each gest will receive the nominated jubilee plaquette of the Gallery (made with the financial support of Oradea City Hall). During the ceremony, Diplomas of Honour of the “Euro Foto Art” Association will be given to all the personalities who distinguished themselves by their continual activity in the cause of this Gallery. On this occasion, several Diplomas of Excellency will be handed over to the fine-art photographers, to the representatives of the local and national media who popularized the exhibition events of the “Euro Foto Art” Gallery. Also, the documentary photo exhibition will be officially opened, an exhibition containing a selection of over 90 images about the inaugurations which took place in this Gallery. On this occasion, the jubilee album “Euro Foto Art” Gallery 1990-2015 will be released; the album has been created with the financial support of Bihor County Council – the National Centre for Tourist Information and Promotion Bihor and of „Várad” Magazine of Oradea (black and white). The anniversary musical programme will include the artists who, during the 25 years, were with us, at the inaugurations organized in the ”Euro Foto Art” Gallery and made a contribution to their musical atmosphere: the string quartet ”Varadinum”, Thurzó Sándor József (cello), Lucian Malița (violin), Ariadna Mircescu, Georgiana Mircescu, Alexandrina Chelu and Florian Chelu. The new jubilee exhibition, organized in partnership with ”Gheorghe Șincai” County Library, under the patronage of Bihor County Council will be open to the public until the 28th of July, on working days, between 08.00 – 19.00. The access to the exhibition is free of charge.

                                                                                                                                                 ”Euro Foto Art” Association

No. 031 / 03.19.2013.

Press release

International photo exhibition "Image Art", Arad - 2012


The "Euro Photo Art" Gallery in Oradea, will host a new exhibition of photographic art. On the well-known galleries will be exhibited 101 black and white and color photographs taken of participants on international photographic creation Camp "Image Art": Călin Andrei (Romania), Olga Andriuc (Moldova), Ştefan Burfete (Czech Republic) Nicholas Hauca (Ukraine), Kálmán Holocsi (Hungary), Zoltán Gavaldik (Hungary), Ödön Mészáros (Hungary), Vasile Paladean (Ukraine) Sediliak Pavol (Slovakia), Claudiu Szabó EFIAP (Romania), Zsolt Szalma (Slovakia) and Ştefan AFIAP Tóth (Romania). International Photo Camp Arad "IMAGE-ART" first edition was organized from the 25th of June to 2nd of July 2012 with help of the County Council Arad, County Cultural Center Arad, "ProArad" Photo Club, under the auspices of the Photographic Artists Association from Romania. On this occasion, the photographers from Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Republic of Moldavia, Romania, Ukraine had the opportunity to visit and photograph several objectives in Arad, such as "Gai" Monastery, Reconciliation Square Park "Avram Iancu", "Hodos-Bodrog" Monastery, "Bezdin" Monastery, "Ion Slavici" Classic Theatre, Cultural Palace, "Holy Trinity" Orthodox Cathedral, and various towns in Arad region as: Lipova town, Șoimoș, Săvârşin Castle - Dendrological ParkRoyal Castle and Mures FloodplainNatural Park. A special attraction was shooting in the International Championship of outdoor cooking, held in the end of creation camp. International exhibition, entitled "Image Art" will be held Friday on 22nd of March 2013 at 11:00, the event organizers are: "Euro Photo Art" Association, "Water Lily" Photographic Club from Oradea, Preservation and Promotion Traditional Culture Bihor County Center, invites all photography lovers to the exhibition. At the opening, will be attended by artists participating in the camp: Stefan Tóth AFIAP and Nelu Scripiciuc (Romania) and photographer artists Kálmán Holocsi (Szolnok - Hungary), Zoltán Gavaldik (Szolnok - Hungary), Ödön Mészáros (Budapest - Hungary). Will be present at the opening and other five photographer’s artists, members of „Tiszavirág" photo club from Szolnok: Ildikó Csathó, Tibor Kajtár, Tünde Sebők, Renata Szabó and Bernadett Szalai. The exhibition will be presented to the public by Dr. Ramona Novikov art critic, about creation of international camp will talk Nelu Scripciuc President of "Pro Arad" photo-club from Arad. The exhibition will be officially opened by photographer Stefan Tóth AFIAP, president of the "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea. Musical moments will be supported by "Varadinum" Quartet artists from Oradea. The works on display will be able to watch and website: (under "Euro Photo Art" Gallery tab). New exhibition under the patronage organized by Artistic Photographers Association from Romania and will remain available to the visitors until 2nd of April 2013, on weekdays betwen 08:00 - 19:00. Entry is free








No. 024 / 26.02.2013.
Press release
Exhibition photoclub members "Clear of Bucharest"

Starting this week, simezele Gallery "Euro Photo Art" in Oradea will be installed exhibition of young members Photoclub of Bucharest, founded on 21 December 2011, with 8 members fondatori.Membrii photoclub "Clear of Bucharest" say about them "There are eight amateur photographers, but professional photography lovers and try to join efforts in a clear and coherent artistic discourse. Practice different photographic genres, have different artistic expressions, and often have very different views, but above all, we are together because we respect each other. We strive to go on an unbeaten path, but clearly drawn and show that our joy may be sent to take pictures with the same intensity, those who watch us work. We try to present our work in as many exhibitions, but also want to host as many other fellow photographers exhibitions at home and abroad. We are eager to share our experience with an open heart, as many young and talented photographers, but equally we have a good plan for those who, in turn, helped to decipher the miracle of artistic photography. "The exhibition will be presented 40 photographs of format 40 x 90 cm, made by artists photographers: Daniel Dinu, Marcel Eremia, Elena Hîrţan Catalin Fudulu AFIAP, Eugen Negrea AFIAP, Ion Nicolae, Doina Cristina Ţintă Vass, covering several genres of photography. Initulate exhibition "Clear" will be held Thursday, February 28, 2013, at 18:00 and the event organizers: Association "Euro Photo Art" Photographic Club Water Lily" in Oradea County Center for Preservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture Bihor , invites everyone to attend photography lovers. At the opening will participate photographer Eugen Negrea AFIAP President Photoclub "Clear the Bucharest", which will be present in his new capacity, the president of Artist Photographers in Romania. The exhibition will showcase the photographer Ştefan AFIAP Tóth, President of Association "Euro Photo Art" Oradea. Musical moments will be supported by artists Quartet "Varadinum" in Oradea. New exhibition under the patronage organized Art Photographers Association in Romania, will remain available to the visitors, until March 19, 2013, on weekdays between 08:00 - 19:00. Entry is free.

No. 011 / 02.11.2013.

Press release
Course graduates photo exhibition

In late December 2012 was launched a technical course and photography for beginners, led by photo artist Ştefan AFIAP Tóth, President of "Water Lily" Photographic Club Oradea. Despite being signed up to only 4 students, course lecturer taught all subjects in the course program. Due to great interest shown by the students classes’ atmosphere was great. After the history of photography students have mastered problems analogue and digital camera, or its annexes. Were followed with great interest about genres exposures related photography and image composition. Themes of positive and negative processes, mono and color respectively of color slides were also followed with great interest. Creative movement in the historic center of Oradea was much anticipated by students. Despite the fact that the light outside was not "challenging" for students, still found some artistic motivations to make great images. Closing Ceremony of the course will be held Wednesday, the 13th February 2013, at 17:00 in room "Studio" Club of Photography "Water Lily" from Oradea, in the "Black Eagle" Palace, which will be handed graduation diplomas and photo exhibition will be opened
entitled"Beginning", the exhibition will be display 62 monochrome and color photos. Szilágyi Szinay Noémi is present at the exhibition with 17 photographs taken with the architecture of the historic center and beautiful images taken on shore Cris river. Boczonyi Zoltán prepared for exhibition 17 color photographs, landscapes, but are also found among the works of abstract images and photographic essays. David Heredea will be present at the exhibition with more abstract images, and the images captured on the bank plastic "Quick Cris". The youngest graduate Csilla Boglárka Bégányi will be present in the group exhibition of 16 color photographs taken during special creative movement. Event organizers: "Water Lily" Photographic Club and Association "Euro Photo Art" from Oradea, invites all photographic lovers to attend the closing ceremony of the course. Graduates exhibition visitors will remain available to the public until 15 March 2013. Viewing can announce intentions to phone 0741/212111.

Expo Ekaterinburg - Russian Federation in Galati (RO)

The International Festival of Photography "Szathmari Pap Károly – Carol Pop de Szathmari initiated by "Euro Photo Art” Association Oradea and the National Festival "Month of Photography from Romania", initiated by the Photographic Artists Association from Romania, Photo Club "Lower Danube" was displayed in “Ronde” room together with exhibition Photo ClubCetverg” from Ekaterinburg - Russian Federation organized by Euro Foto Art Association from Oradea. Six photographers, Denis Tarasov, Telcov Fyodor, Sergei Poteriaev, Dmitry Fedorov, Vyacheslav Ivanov, Vadim Ovcinikov, presented a vision of contemporary Russia, from natural to social environment and cultural heritage. More than a hundred photographic works, interesting as a way of expression, drawing attention to "life" in distant city Ekaterinburg located near the Urals Mountains. The start was made
​​last year with a new collaboration with photo club "Lower Danube" and with other photo clubs, and we hope to continue. The leadership of Cultural Center awarded a diploma of excellence to photo club Cetverg” from Ekaterinburg, the diploma will be sent together with the returned works. At the opening presentation was made by Nicholas Sburlan - photographer and artist Florin Gîlcanu member of photo Club them followed those who was present at the opening with piano arrangements.

No. 010 / 04.02.2013.

Press release
Special Event in "Euro Photo Art" Gallery Oradea.

"Euro Photo Art" Gallery in Oradea will be host of a great events. With a month ago was released in well-known gallery the first International Photography Festival, organized by the "Euro Photo Art" Association. This time the gallery will host the closing ceremony of the first International Festival of Photography "Szathmari Károly Pap - Carol Pop de Szathmári ". With this occasion, photo artist Ştefan Tóth AFIAP - event director, will present two books published about the famous photographer under the publisher care "Kriterion" from Cluj-Napoca and will
award Festival platelets - made by artist Eugen Moritz from Cluj-Napoca, those who have contributed to outstanding success of the first international event. In the first Festival was 18 photographic events (exhibitions, evenings and digital exposure about the first war photographer in the world), organized in Serbia, Slovakia, Russian Federation, Romania, Ukraine and Hungary. Additional information is on the website In the opening ceremony will take place the 37th Annual Exhibition of members 'Water Lily' Photographic Club from Oradea. Will be presented 101 black and white respectively color photos made by 21 photo artists: Eugen Antal, Monica Butnaru, Cacuci Cristian, Silviu Corbu, Dorin Chiş, Dancoglu Constantin EFIAPb, Constantin Demeter, Cristian Ene AFIAP, Christian Filipescu Alexandru Moş, Eugen Munteanu, Ilisie Ovidiu, Gheorghe Petrila EFIAP, Ovidiu Pop, Adela Lia Rusu AFIAP, Valentina Stan AFIAP, Gelu Stan AFIAP, Claudiu Szabó EFIAP, Gheorghe-Andrei, Talpos Ştefan Tóth AFIAP, Vasile Vénig AFIAP. Among the works exposed the visitors will be able to admire a series of pictures made by artists Eugen Antal, Marius Ciobanu, Dorin Chiş, Silviu Corbu, Cristian Ene AFIAP, Christian Filipescu, Eugen Munteanu, Ovidiu Pop, Gheorghe Petrila EFIAP, Valentina Stan AFIAP, Gelu Stan AFIAP, Vasile Vénig AFIAP and Claudiu Szabó EFIAP. Portraits made by: Monica Butnaru, Dancoglu Constantin EFIAPb Gheorghe Petrila EFIAP, Adela Lia Rusu AFIAP, Stefan Tóth AFIAP and Vasile Vénig AFIAP emphasize artistry photographers. Photographic essays are represented in the annual exhibition by photographic artists’ works by Constantin Demeter, Adela AFIAP Lia Rusu, Claudiu Szabó EFIAP, Stefan Tóth AFIAP and Vasile Vénig AFIAP. Exceptional socio-photos in the exhibition are presented by: George Petrila EFIAP and Stefan Tóth AFIAP. Sports topics were not forgotten, as they are present by: Ovidiu Ilisie and Gheorghe-Andrei Talpoş. An unseen insect’s world will be unveiled by macro-photographs made by: Cristian Cacuci and Cristian Ene. Among the exhibited works, a still life composition was made with great craftsmanship by the photographer Vasile Vénig AFIAP (member from Carei), and nude photography made by Adela Lia Rusu AFIAP. The exhibition and awarding the trophies for photographic artists, who have obtained the best results in 2012, will be Sunday, 10th of February, 2013, at 11:00, and are invited to attend all photographic lovers. The photographic works will be presented by Dr. Ramona Novicov art critic and musical moments are provided by "Varadinum" Quartet artists from Oradea. Exhibition will be officially opened by photo artist Stefan Tóth AFIAP, President of "Water Lily" Photographic Club and "Euro Photo Art" Association from Oradea. New exhibition organized under the patronage of the Photographic Artists Association from Romania in the National Festival "Month of Photography from Romania" will be available to the public until 28th of February 2013, on weekdays between 08:00 - 19:00. Public entry is free.